What Really Matters This Week

Y’all, it’s only Monday and I’m already exhausted. We’ve been basically going non-stop this summer.  Between trips and camps and church activities and getting my parents moved to Alabama, I am t.i.r.e.d. Our church is having Vacation Bible School this week so we’ll be busy with that every night. And my girl has some oral surgery scheduled for this week also.

prioritize what really matters this week

It would be easy to make a big list of things to do this week.  After all, school is starting in just a few weeks and that means we have back-to-school shopping and preparation to do. And, there is always laundry and dishes …

But this week at our house, what really matters is rest.

While there are a few things that must be done … everything else will have to wait. 

what this week really needs

I have to admit, a few years ago, I would never have been okay with this. I would have felt compelled to keep going, to push through. But what I’ve learned in the past couple of years is how much pressure I have put on myself, how many of the expectations I have are unreasonable, and how valuable making rest a priority really is.

And, here’s my invitation to you — look at your calendar and decide what really matters most for your week. Then make that the priority.


Teri Lynne

What sort of unrealistic expectations have you placed on yourself?

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  1. So true! What matters to me this week is people. I am SOOO much more task-oriented and I love checking things off my list. But the people…you can never checked them off! The temptation is to put them at the bottom of that list because PROGRESS is more fun. Still, God keeps telling me that my task should always be PEOPLE. Drat. 😉 I love the people on my list so that makes it easier (and harder).

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