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This transformation journey began for me, as many things do, with books that piqued my interest and challenged my thinking. And, as I dug into the Word, I longed to understand more about what a counter cultural life is and how it looks for a very unremarkable wife and mom in north Alabama.  As I studied and prayed, I also sought more resources and insight from others who were farther along in the process than I am.

I’ve listened to podcasts, read blog posts, and marked up books … and today I am sharing my recommended resources list with you. Since I’m still growing and learning, I will be adding to this list so be sure to pin it or bookmark it for future reference.

books, articles, podcasts, sermons, blog posts ... recommended resources for those who want to pursue a counter cultural life

Books {these are affiliate links}

Think!  || John Piper

Rhinestone Jesus || Kristen Welch {read my review}

In This House, We Will Giggle! || Courtney DeFeo {if you want to engage your children in a counter cultural lifestyle without preaching, this is the book for you!}

Radical || David Platt

Simple Life || Thom and Art Rainer

A Loving Life || Paul Miller

A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture || David Platt

Blog Posts

Can We Really Raise Counter Cultural Children? || We Are THAT Family

Are Christians Called to Be Counter Cultural? || Relevant  {“When we define our lives by what we are against, we end up living horribly uncreative lives.” I love this quote because it reminds me living a counter cultural life is about our hearts being transformed to the image of Christ and should never be focused on anything less than that.}

3 Traits of Counter Cultural Christian Leaders || LifeWay

Is Christianity Dying? || Russell Moore

How the Gospel Frames Social Issues || Matt Smethurst, The Gospel Coalition {interview with David Platt}

You Can’t Hide from the Culture Wars || Daniel Darling, The Gospel Coalition

Community Matters: The Role of Transformational Groups in the Church || Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today

Saying No to the Cutesy Baby Nursery || her.menuetics

Chik-fil-a’s Lesson on Loving Your Enemies || her. menuetics

Podcasts, Videos, and Other Media

Christmas and the Culture || Russell Moore

God and Country, Crucified: Why It’s Time to Exchange our Civil Religion for a Cross || Russell Moore

How to Survive a Moral Revolution || Albert Mohler, TGC


You can find an index of all the posts in this series by clicking on the image below

STAND OUT ... 7 traits of a counter-cultural life {coming October 2015 to}

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