Sunday Meditation || Philippians 2:7

Welcome to day 18 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. You can find every post in this series indexed here.

We begin each week with an opportunity pray and reflect on the Word. This week’s Sunday meditation is based on Philippians 2:7.

Sunday meditation

Lord, as I prepare my heart and mind for the week ahead, will You empty me? Pour out all the fears and doubts and selfishness and pride in this oh-so-human heart. Drain me dry of all the cares of this world, the worries and doubts and fears that hold my heart hostage. Empty me of me, Lord. I’m a mess, a wreck. Today I know, more than ever before, how desperate is my need for You. The only good in me is. You are my only boast, my only hope. In You is life … so empty me of all the stuff and fill me with Your Spirit.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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