A Prayer for My Girl’s Senior Year

In July 1995 Scott and I sat in the Pizza Hut in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, shocked about my pregnancy.  Just a few weeks before, a fertility specialist in Birmingham had basically assured us that day would never come.

Our miracle baby, the one for whom we had prayed for almost four years, was born February 17, 2000, in the newly renovated maternity center at Helen Keller Hospital. We’d chosen not to find out the gender of our baby, so when the doctor delivered our eight-pound child, he looked at us, tears in his own eyes and said, “Meet Casiday Hope!”

Casiday Hope.

As my daughter's senior year begins, my prayer for her is rooted in gratitude for who she is and who she is becoming. #prayingforgirls

A Prayer for My Girl’s Senior Year

Casiday, Scott’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name (hence the unusual spelling). Hope, a reminder that we can always trust God to be true to His character and His Word.

I promised myself when I held her in the hospital that I would treasure the moments.  Knowing this would likely be our only child, I made the decision not to long for what had passed nor worry about what was to come.  I determined to cherish the past, enjoy the present, and embrace the future.

Today, that little girl with the crooked smile and pigtails who loved The Wizard of “Woz” and Little Bear will begin her senior year. And, looking back, I’m thankful for where we’ve been and excited about what is ahead.  Sure, I’ll be a little bit teary-eyed when she drives off for her last first day of high school. But I’m not altogether sad about today.

This beautiful young woman is amazing!

She is funny and compassionate, a hard worker and a loyal friend.  She is growing in her faith and finding her own rhythm of discipleship. I am thankful for her and proud of her. But of all the ways I can help her navigate this season, the most important is prayer.

My prayer for my girl’s senior year

Lord, when I look at this girl you have given me, I am awed. She is so many of the things I’ve always longed to be — her love for others is deep and her ability to be generous in relationships is amazing.  She’s beautiful inside and out. And I pray she always knows she is made in Your image.  May she walk in confidence as a child of the King, growing in her desire to extend love and grace to those around her.  May she know the peace of being held by You, even when the storms rage around her.

I pray this year will be full of joy and celebration. Give her wisdom to navigate the decisions ahead of her but also the assurance that no matter what, she is Yours.  As she feels the pressure to choose a college and a career, may she remember that above all, her life is designed to bring You glory and that she can do that in any situation.  On the days she feels anxious, Lord, will You draw her gently back to Your peace, the peace that passes all understanding.

When it feels like the weight of the world is on her (and I know some days it will), may she remember You hold it all together and she doesn’t have to. I pray her friendships will be strengthened and be rooted in a mutual love for You. Above all, Father, I pray for Casiday to walk with You. May she abide in You and produce the fruit of a life given over to You.  Cause her to remember You are good and that every situation and circumstance in her life has been allowed by You for her good and for Your glory. 

Today is bittersweet, Lord, for this momma’s heart. And I know it’s scary for my girl. But give us both the wisdom to rest in You and to trust in You.  Hold my baby close today. As she goes to class and laughs with friends, may she know You are WITH her and You are FOR her! I pray she has a great day and a great year. Help her to enjoy these moments and treasure these days.  They’ll pass far more quickly than she can begin to fathom.

Thank You for this girl of mine! She’s just one more example of Your generosity in my life. Help me hold her close but also let her go—and give me wisdom to know when to do which.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

What are you praying for your child as school begins?

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Teri Lynne

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  1. Thank you for this. Makayla is also a senior this year. They start next Thursday. You always seem to know what to write cause it always seems that is what I’m thinking.

  2. What am I praying as the school year begins? Since this is a page specifically for DAUGHTERs, my prayer for my daughter THAT will be in 2nd grade, is that she will grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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