Will you take the #encouragementdare?

In the immortal words of Schwartz on A Christmas Story, “I triple dog dare you!”

No, silly, not to stick your tongue to the flag pole. That would totally hurt!

I am challenging you to take the #encouragementdare.

Take DaySpring's #enouragementdare as an opportunity to inspire and invest in your community! Sign up today for a free encouragement resource kit!

Will you take the #encouragementdare?

Okay, I know, you’re thinking two things:

  1. I have no idea what this is; and
  2. It sounds like something I’d like to do.

Let me share a few more details.

The #EncouragementDare

In 2007, then-President Obama established September 12 as the National Day of Encouragement. Intended to be a reminder to all of us of the way neighbors and strangers stepped up to provide support, assistance, and encouragement following the tragedy of 9/11, the National Day of Encouragement provides us with an opportunity to be a positive factor in our communities as well as an occasion to encourage those around us.

DaySpring has long embraced this idea of encouragement. But this year, they’re taking it a step further! The #encouragementdare is a challenge issued to not only encourage others but to encourage them in Christ. And, truly, y’all, is there any other encouragement that really matters?

How to get started

Now, you know how special busy moms are to me and the very last thing I want to do is add another expectation or task to your life. So, here’s the best news — DaySpring has made taking the #encouragementdare super easy!! And when I say super easy, I mean SUPER EASY. As is, sign up here and receive all kinds of ideas, tips, and resources to help you encourage the people in your life whether they live in your house or across the world.

Easy, peasy, right? Sign up here and receive the encouragement kit in your inbox … then get busy encouraging!

An encouraging word matters.

The past few weeks have been tumultuous for so many people in the US. Between the hurricanes and the fires, my social media feeds are full of loss and sorrow. I’ll be honest, some days it just feels like overwhelming. I can’t fix or change any of it. And neither can you.

But here’s what I know — an encouraging word matters.

The #encouragementdare won’t replace anything lost in natural disasters, it can’t bring back someone we’ve lost. But it can point us back to the God who is our comfort, who carries our burdens, catch our tears, and calms the storms inside us. When we encourage others, we are reminding them God sees and knows their difficulties and He hears and responds to our prayers.

Sign up for the #encouragementdare and spend this week spreading hope and light around you.

I triple dog dare you!

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Teri Lynne

P.S. All the links to the #encouragementdare are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for the free encouragement kit but if you are browsing on the website after you sign up and decide you want to buy something, I’ll receive a small commission.  And if it was me, I’d take a peek at all the fun stuff in the encouragement BOGO sale. 🙂


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