{Crowdsourcing} Favorite Parenting Books

I’m a huge fan of crowdsourcing. You know, asking the people you know for their best recommendations, resources, and ideas. In my #girlMOMS group, I do a lot of this type of thing — asking for best mother-daughter date ideas or fun movies to watch together, etc.

Recently, I asked what their favorite parenting books are. And, after seeing all their recommendations, I knew it was a list worth sharing.  So here you go …

Favorite parenting books crowdsourced by the #girlMOMS Facebook group


Please note, I have not read all of these. But the moms in the #girlMOMS group are fantastic and intentional so I trust their suggestions. I did make notes about the books just to give you a little more insight.  And if you want to read other reviews or get additional information about my top twenty recommendations, please check out this list on Amazon.

  1. Power of a Praying Parent — This is a classic. I love it. I’ve used it so many times.  Can’t recommend highly enough.
  2. (Why) Motherhood Matters — I love this book. And I adore September McCarthy (the author). She is the real deal in every way.
  3. Brave Moms, Brave Kids — Another one I wholeheartedly recommend.
  4. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family — This one by Paul David Tripp is on my must read list. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wish I’d had it 18 years ago when Casiday was a baby.
  5. Parenting Scripts — Wendy and Amber are so wise and full of grace for moms. If you’ve ever wished you knew how to “flip the script” in your house, this book is for you.
  6. Shepherding a Child’s Heart — I’ve surprisingly never read this one. But so many moms I respect love it.
  7. Ministry of Motherhood — Another one I’ve never read but it’s loved by many.  (Mission of Motherhood and Different were recommended.  All by Sally Clarkson.)
  8. Grace-Based Parenting — I didn’t expect to like this. I received it in a swag bag at a conference and didn’t even open it for over a year. Then I wished I had it when Casiday was a baby.
  9. Sacred Parenting — My #1 parenting book recommendation. A must-read from Gary Thomas.
  10. Growing Great Kids — My dear friend (and amazing mom mentor) Kate Battistelli shares what she learned raising Franny.  It’s so good.
  11. Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World — Kristen is one of my favorite people and someone I completely admire. This is another must-read for all moms.
  12. Are My Kids on Track? — Get this. Read this. You’ll be glad you did.
  13. A Family of Value — I read this one ages ago and it changed my whole view of parenting. For the better. Get it. Truly.
  14. Raising Responsible Kids — I haven’t read this one but a couple of people suggested it.
  15. Parenting with Grace — Another one I haven’t read. This one is specifically for Catholic families but I’m sure the insights apply to us all.
  16. Don’t Make Me Count to Three — Haven’t read it but it looks good.
  17. Mom Set Free — If you struggle with the weight of expectation as a mom, this one is for you. Jeannie Cunnion is a dear friend. In these pages you will find a wealth of insight and a heaping dose of grace.  (Brooke McGlothlin’s book, Gospel Centered Mom, is another on this topic if you are struggling here.)
  18. First Ask Why — This soon-to-be released book by Shelly Wildman needs to be on everyone’s shelf. Hands down the best parenting book I’ve read in the past couple of years.
  19. The Making of a MOM — I’ve known Stephanie Shott for a lot of years and she has a heart for moms like no one else.  This book will inspire, encourage, and challenge you.
  20. Mothering from Scratch — Another one I surprisingly haven’t read.  But I deeply respect Melinda Means and am sure this is a great book.

Here are a few more books recommended by the #girMOMS …

The Whole-Brained Child, The New Strong-Willed Child, Bringing Up Boys, Bringing Up Girls, Getting out of Your Kids Faces and into Their Hearts, Courageous Parenting, Confident Parenting, and Passing on the Passion.

So, it’s your turn …

What parenting books are your favorites?


Teri Lynne

Don’t forget you can see most of these recommendations along with links to purchase and read other reviews right here.

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