What I’m Reading {January 2019}

If we were meeting for coffee or you dropped by my house one Tuesday morning, there is one thing I’m sure of — we’d talk about books. Even if you said you weren’t a reader {which would, of course, make me a little sad but nevertheless}, I’d tell you I know a book you’d love.

I used to share this sort of post regularly and then life got crazy last year and I barely wrote anything. So, I thought we’d get this book loving party started again in 2019.

I often spend January reading one or two of my “annual reads” as well as pilfering through the books I received for Christmas. And so, here is the current list of what I’m reading.

What I’m Reading {January 2019}

What I'm Reading {January 2019} including Bible study, quiet time, nonfiction, annual reads, and fiction

Bible Study

  • Exodus — I’m teaching through Exodus this year at my church. So, it’s safe to assume this book will be on the list most of the year.
  • Colossians — Katie Orr and I are teaching through Colossians at REFRESH Bible Conference for Women at my church in March. I’ll be teaching chapters two and four … so I’m focusing on those two spots.

Links to all the books listed below are at the end!

Quiet Time

  • Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry T. and Richard Blackaby
  • Whiter than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy by Paul David Tripp


  • ReFocus: Living a Life that Reflects God’s Heart by Jim Daly. I received this book as a gift from Focus on the Family when I was there in November. I had the opportunity after the interview to speak for awhile with Jim and I’m so impressed with his heart for helping families love well — both in their homes and in the world. This book speaks to those things beautifully. I can’t recommend this one highly enough!
  • Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry. Y’all, I read this book in one day. Jackie is a gifted storyteller and her story is compelling. But I think my favorite thing about this book is the way Jackie helps us all remember that no matter what descriptor we put before our names (gay, prideful, addict, etc.), the only answer is our GOOD God!

Annual Reads

  • Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas — The new year always feels like a good time to read this one. It’s probably my favorite book on marriage. After the chaos of the Christmas season, it’s a good reminder to me that my marriage is intended to push me to holiness not simply make me happy.
  • Remember God by Annie F. Downs — I know, this book just released last fall. But I devoured it in about a day when I got it. And I feel like it’s safe to say, it’s one I’ll read again and again. Annie’s poignant telling of her own faith struggle and desire to know and remember the goodness of God in all things resonates with me and reminds me it’s okay to ask the hard questions and live in the tension our faith can bring.


  • The Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury — My current bedtime reading is this series from Karen Kingsbury. I can only read books I’ve read before at night or else I stay up all night to finish them. So, Kingsbury’s books are often on my bedtime reading rotation.

So, that’s what I’m reading this month. What are you reading? And what do I need to add to my list for 2019?

Cheering you on!

Teri Lynne

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  1. Karen Kings is One of my Favorite authors! I’m also currently reading Jeses Today by SaRah Young. Do you have a goodreads account?


  1. […] Y’all, it was so fun! And such a gift to be able to take my husband and daughter with me. We had a great time and loved the time we were able to spend talking with both broadcast host John Fuller and Focus President Jim Daly. I was so impressed with Mr. Daly — and if you haven’t read his book, Refocus, you need to. (I shared more about it in this What I’m Reading post.) […]

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