{in case no one has told you lately} You Are a GREAT Mom!

You are a GREAT mom!

I’m serious. I know you may not feel like it’s true. But it is. And maybe today you need to be reminded. Because really what we all need is a little less mom guilt and a lot more mom grace, right? So consider this your Thursday morning hug from me —

Some days we just need someone to come alongside us and tell us we're doing a good job. So, in case no one has told you today — You are a GREAT mom!!

So, in case no one has told you today — You are a GREAT mom!

If you were sitting here with me and we were on our second cup of coffee and past all the small talk, I’d ask you this one question:

What are you doing really well as a mom these days?

And, if you’re like me, you’d laugh awkwardly and make some sort of joke about your kids still being alive and shouldn’t that count for something. There might be a little quiet after we’d chuckled. In fact, if you’re like so many moms I know, there’s a decent chance you’d reach over for a tissue from the box nearby and dab at your eyes before you finally looked at me and said, “I’m not sure I’m doing anything really well.”

In fact, if we kept talking you’d might even share all the ways you feel like you’re failing, all the mistakes you’ve made, all the things you wish you could do over, and all the fears you have about the days ahead.

And it’s then, right then, that I would reach over and grab your hand and look you straight in the eyes and say this —


I know because great moms worry about being a good mom. And great moms know they need wisdom and the Word. And great moms link arms with other great moms and they share their deepest fears and darkest moments. And great moms listen to each other and love each other. And great moms love Jesus and know there is NO WAY ON EARTH they can do this mom-ing gig without Him.

So, if you were sitting here, that’s what I’d say to you. But you’re not, so I’m writing it out which might be even better because you can save this and read it again when you forget. {Because we all forget sometimes and we need reminding.}

You are a great mom! For real.


Teri Lynne

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A Prayer for the Mom Who Doesn’t Feel Great

Lord, some days all we can see are the failures and the yelling and the wasted opportunities. But You never define us by those things and you don’t want us to measure ourselves by them either. You’ve given us these children to love and nurture. And You did it knowing we’d mess it up. But You know how much we love our kids! Will You help us remember how much You love us? Give us the boldness to come to You and also the wisdom to build relationships with other moms who love You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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