Let’s Spend the Summer in the Psalms, Shall We?

So, y’all, summer is here in FULL FORCE in Alabama. It is hot. And a few weeks ago I got poison ivy and I’m not sure there is much worse than having poison ivy when it’s so miserably hot and humid that you begin sweating the minute you step outside. But, you’re not here for my sob story, right?

The real point is that even though I’m sweating and itching like crazy, I’m super excited about leading my first online Bible study in two years. And, for the first time ever, I’m doing a NO HOMEWORK Bible study. I mean, there will be options for more reading but this is probably the most laid back study I will ever lead. And I really want you to join me!

Exploring the Psalms: a seven-week study of the different types of Psalms.

Exploring the Psalms

So, why this type of study? Why is it important for us to study the Psalms? Here are few reasons:

  • The Psalms were foundational to both the Israelites and to the early church. They were used as a means of worship, history, and prayer.
  • The Psalms are a valuable tool for helping us learn how to talk to and with God.
  • The Psalms point us to Jesus.

Spending time understanding the various types of Psalms and styles of biblical poetry is helpful to us as we study because it gives us knowledge of the original author, context, and audience. This helps us more appropriately and accurately apply these Scriptures to our own context.

How does understanding the different types of Psalms help us?

As we explore the seven different types of Psalms, we will discover five key ways these important parts of the Bible can help us both as we study and as we pray.

  1. The Psalms provide us powerful examples of prayer.
  2. The Psalms help us learn how to delight in God.
  3. The Psalms give us understanding about the value of prayer in all areas and circumstances in our lives.
  4. The Psalms reorient us to God’s divine order in nature, relationships, and life.
  5. The Psalms provide us with a guard against our own self-righteousness.

It’s my great hope that as we spend time this summer in the Psalms, you will find both a new love for these beautiful parts of the Bible but also a deeper understanding of what it is to give God glory in every part of our lives.

How to participate in the Exploring the Psalms study.

I want this study to be accessible to as many people as possible. The weekly teaching and discussion questions will be offering a closed Facebook group. You can request membership in the group and I will get you added. Be sure to answer the questions — this is the best way I’ve found to keep out the trolls and crazies. Click the image below to request membership in the group.

Exploring the Psalms:  a seven-week study of the different types of Psalms.

The study will begin July 10. I’ll be teaching at 11 am CDT. Each week I will teach on a different type of Psalm. We will cover the following seven main categories: praise, thanksgiving, enthronement, lament, penitence, imprecatory requests, and wisdom. During the teaching, I will share the characteristics of each type as well as walking you through one Psalm that fits into the category. While there is no homework for the group, I will also suggest other psalms within the category you can read to practice learning to see the differences in each type.

I’ve also made a list of a few other resources that I find useful regardless of what I’m studying in Scripture. You can check that out here.

Reading Plans Also Available

In addition to the online group, you may download a reading plan that will take you through reading the entire book of Psalms. You can get the dated reading plan (beginning July 1) or the undated plan.

The dated plan is designed for Monday through Friday reading. The undated plan has 67 days of reading so you can do it five days a week and it will take about three months and straight through it will take just over two.

Exploring the Psalms:  a seven-week study of the different types of Psalms.

I do hope you will join me for this exciting summer study. And don’t worry if you know you’ll miss a week. Because we’ll be focusing on the types of Psalms, it will be no problem to catch up as you can. My big desire is for us to gain a deeper understanding of the beauty and value of this precious part of Scripture.

So, are you in?? If so, be sure to join the group and download one of the reading plans above.


Teri Lynne

P.S. If you are a Pray the Word Journal subscriber, you will especially love this study since we will be pray verses from the Psalms in the summer edition of the journal. And if you have not ordered you copy of the Pray the Word Journal, you can learn more and order here!

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


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