20 Family Advent Resources {2019}

20 Family Advent Resources

Looking for great Advent resources for your family? Here are some ideas in several different categories including families with no little ones, weekly and daily devotions, storybooks, and more!

20 Times Jesus Spoke Directly to a Woman … and He Never Once Said, “Go Home!”

20 times Jesus spoke directly to women and He never once said, “Go home!”

It matters how we speak to and about each other. It matters in our homes. It matters in our social media posts. It matters in our workplaces. It matters in our pulpits. It matters in our conversations. It matters at our conventions. It matters on our videos. And it matters IN OUR HEARTS!

10 Resources for Getting Your Tween Girl into the Word

Looking for the best Bible-driven resources for your tween daughter? Want to give her a tool that will help her dig into God’s Word and discover more about Him and His purpose for her? This list of 10 resources for keeping your tween girl in the Word can hep! Books by Dannah Gresh, Vicki Courtney, Lynn Cowell, Cat Bird, and more!

Bleeding Woman: Desperate Belief

Bleeding Woman: Desperate Belief || 20 Women in the Bible You Need to Know

Our faith, even as weak as it can be, is enough to stir His heart toward us, to have His power work in us, and to experience His peace over us.

Anna: Lifelong Worship

Anna: Lifelong Worship || 20 Women in the BIble You Need to Know

Anna, the woman who had devoted nearly century to serving the Lord, saw with her own eyes the Salvation she had prayed would come. Truly, her faith had become sight!

Huldah: Know & Love the Word of God

Huldah: Know & Love the Word of God || 20 Women in Scripture You Need to Know

Huldah’s life reveals an important truth for all of us, men and women alike. It is not our education, experience, or title that qualifies us for service in the Kingdom — it is our desire to serve and be obedient to Him