Wifey Wednesday … Celebrating my Beloved

Just found this great meme and as I absolutely ADORE my guy, I will take any opportunity I can to celebrate him and our marriage! Yay for Wifey Wednesday and for finding “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” ~ Happy Day for me!! (The post below is an excerpt from my […]

Fourteen Years Ago …

On June 12, 1995, I went an “Eternity” concert with a friend who had a crush on one of the guys who was singing. I had very low expectations of the event and was not particularly interested in going. But, I had no better offer for that night so…. off […]

13 Years into “Happily Ever After”

My Husband ~ For thirteen years I have had the honor of traveling life’s road with Scott Underwood. In that time, we have experienced many things ~ unspeakable joy and unimaginable sorrow as well as opportunities to grow in our faith and to pursue our dreams. We have moved away […]