What I’m Reading {September 2016}

Y'all, my book stack is HUGE. Seriously. But so many of my friends are writing so many great books ... and I want to tell you all about all of them. But then all I'd be talking about is books and while I love books, I also have other things I want to share with you so these posts are my way of giving you information about what I'm reading and what books I think you'd love. {Also, that was seriously a crazy run-on sentence. ha!} So, here the books I'm working my way through in September. {The ... [Read More]

{Book Review} Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch

It's no big secret I'm a Kristen Welch groupie. If you follow either of my Facebook pages you know I share basically everything she writes with the hashtag #MustRead.  I've been reading her blog for ever ....because she is equal parts hilarious and honest. And those are two of the most important qualities in a person as far as I'm concerned. Also I want to be her BFF because she's got a love for the Lord I want to be around all the time. A couple of years ago I said her book Rhinestone ... [Read More]

Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman {Book Review}

This time a year ago I thought I was about to sign my first contract for a traditionally published book.  My speaking calendar was growing as was my blog. I had several coaching clients and I was excited about all the ways God was moving in my life professionally. Today, I've had one proposal rejected by a publisher and another one remains in limbo. My speaking calendar is empty for the first time in four years. I don't have any coaching clients currently and in spite of updating my focus and ... [Read More]

Book Review: Breaking Up with Perfect by Amy Carroll

Last summer I met this incredible girl with a smile that fills up a room. From our first phone conversation until we met face-to-face in the hallway of a hotel conference center in Charlotte, North Carolina, I knew this was a woman who loved Jesus. As she reached out to hug me, she said, with the perfect Southern drawl, "I fell like we are already friends." And we were. Amy Carroll is the real deal, y'all. Genuine, funny, and passionate about encouraging women.  She the girl who looks yoi n ... [Read More]

Fight Back with Joy

We're just 12 days into 2015 and I’ve already faced a couple of very hard situations. Both reduced me to tears and felt like sucker punches to my heart.  Immediately I started replaying the list of the ways I don’t measure up, the ways I’ve failed, the ways I’m not good enough, not loving enough … just not enough. {Please say sometimes you deal with all those feelings too?} I’d promised myself I’d face this year with a new outlook … that 2015 would be the year I’d chase joy. I just didn’t ... [Read More]

Why I Read Fiction

If I'm totally honest, I sort of decided when I was in college that fiction was the lesser form of writing. I can't pinpoint the moment when I stopped reading stories ... but somewhere along the way I did. Fiction was reserved for vacations ... I called reading a novel my guilty pleasure. And did penance for the waste of time by reading more and more "real" books.  Somehow I'd begun to believe only nonfiction had real value in my life. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. A couple of years ago I ... [Read More]