Book Review: The Pastor’s Wife by Gloria Furman

Do you ever wonder what your pastor's wife is thinking? Or how she feels?  Ever wish you peek into her heart — not as a busy body but so you could better minister to her? If so, The Pastor's Wife* by Gloria Furman is for you. Gloria shares an honest account of life in the pastor's home with a candor and grace that will open your eyes to a taste of what it's like to be married to the man who shepherds the flock and shares the Gospel. While she wrote the book for pastor's wives, I believe ... [Read More]

Book Review: What Keeps You Up at Night by Pete Wilson

A year ago I was coming home from She Speaks amazed and excited! While in Charlotte I had been contacted by a publisher and was anticipating a book contract by the beginning of 2015. I found an incredible literary agent and worked hard to craft a book proposal. That first proposal was rejected. I wrote a second one ... and it still sits in a pile somewhere at the publisher. To say I was crushed would be an understatement. I've struggled hard since the beginning of 2015 trying to figure out ... [Read More]

Book Review: Anchored by Kayla Aimee

I have so many friends writing the most amazing books, y'all! Last week I got to tell you about a book that hit me square between my perfectionistic eyes.  If Amy's book was like a conversation with a good friend, Kayla Aimee's new book, Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected*, is like peeking into the journal of someone you already adore. Anchored is the story of a preemie mom. But really, Anchored is the story of every one of us. Whether our circumstances have led us to 156 days in the ... [Read More]

Book Review: Breaking Up with Perfect by Amy Carroll

Last summer I met this incredible girl with a smile that fills up a room. From our first phone conversation until we met face-to-face in the hallway of a hotel conference center in Charlotte, North Carolina, I knew this was a woman who loved Jesus. As she reached out to hug me, she said, with the perfect Southern drawl, "I fell like we are already friends." And we were. Amy Carroll is the real deal, y'all. Genuine, funny, and passionate about encouraging women.  She the girl who looks yoi n ... [Read More]

The Accidental Feminist by Courtney Reissig {Book Review}

The Accidental Feminist. I must confess, the title drew me in. Because, really? How can being a feminist be accidental? Right? Crossway graciously sent me a copy of the book {as they do so often with no demands or expectations} and while I sat in the Auburn Arena watching 400+ cheerleaders learn and practice for evaluations and competition, I soaked in the wisdom of Courtney Reissig and her dead-on interpretation of how feminism has seeped into every aspect of our lives—including the ... [Read More]

Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp {Book Review}

Yesterday my friend Alycia and I talked for about an hour. She's starting a new therapy practice and needed some counsel about her website. I gave her some information and ideas ... but most of our conversation was about life. Alycia and I have been friends for over 30 years. We met in eighth grade when my dad joined the pastoral staff at First Baptist Church, Fairview, Oklahoma. Almost every memory I have of high school involves Alycia. We had our fair share of misunderstandings and  there were ... [Read More]