Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact

I really meant to write this yesterday. But, summer ... Which, I suppose, just proves my point, right? That summertime can wreak havoc on our very best plans and intentions. So how do we navigate the way summer can change our schedules and still manage to have consistent quiet times? Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact If you've been reading here for long, you are well aware I am a big advocate of having a daily time of prayer and Bible study. But you also know I definitely ... [Read More]

The 4 Ts of Choosing a Bible Study

So there you are, standing in the Bible study section of your local Christian bookstore? Or maybe you searched "Bible studies" on Amazon? And now, looking at the massive selection, there is only one word to describe how you feel— OVERWHELMED! Whether you are a women's ministry leader selecting the studies you will offer at your church, a small group leader trying to determine the next study your group will do, or you are simply looking for a study to do by yourself at home, the choices are ... [Read More]