Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact

I really meant to write this yesterday. But, summer …

Which, I suppose, just proves my point, right? That summertime can wreak havoc on our very best plans and intentions.

So how do we navigate the way summer can change our schedules and still manage to have consistent quiet times?

3 guidelines for surviving summer with your quiet time in tact. Because let's face it, summer can wreak havoc on our best plans and intentions.
Surviving Summer with Your Quiet Time Intact

If you’ve been reading here for long, you are well aware I am a big advocate of having a daily time of prayer and Bible study. But you also know I definitely don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all approach to this practice. And, I also hope you understand the reason we do these things isn’t to get a gold star but to grow in our relationship with the Lord.

With that understanding in place, let’s move forward. How do we manage to consistently engage in a meaningful time of prayer and Bible study when we’re also on vacation, staying up later, and trying to keep our kids entertained? I mean, this is the reality for most of us, right?

While I can’t give you a fail safe plan, I can offer you three guidelines that can help you move through the chaos and celebration this summer with your quiet time in tact.

Choose the right study

This is where it starts! If we choose the wrong study or plan for the summer, we’ll end up feeling like failures. Not because our hearts weren’t right or our minds weren’t focused, but because the tool we’ve selected doesn’t align with the time we have.

When you’re choosing a study, it’s important to ask yourself how much time you really have. It’s okay to give yourself a break this summer and not engage in a study that requires 45 minutes of homework every night. As you’re choosing your Bible study plan for this summer, be realistic (and be honest).

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Connect with others

Maybe your church doesn’t do women’s Bible studies through the summer. Or maybe your Bible study group has learned it’s impossible to meet every week with vacations, etc. I totally understand. I have often dismissed my own studies at church through the summer months

But it’s still so important that we stay connected. We need that accountability! We really do. All of us. Maybe you and a friend will choose to read through Proverbs this summer and you’ll check in every day just to share what stood out to you. Or maybe you’ll create a Facebook group or group text to discuss a study you’re all doing individually. The point isn’t HOW you connect, it is THAT YOU CONNECT.

Accountability is vital for us to maintain our spiritual growth. And, we need each other’s encouragement and support.


Whatever you do, commit to it! Accountability will help but you need to make a commitment in your heart and mind but also on your calendar. Make a decision to spend time every day in the Word and in prayer — even on vacation, even if it means getting up a little earlier or staying up a little later.

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If you’re looking for a study this summer, let me share some of the ones I’m most excited about —

Recommended Bible Studies for Summer 2017

  • We Saved You a Seat {with friends or with your daughter … or both!}
  • Everyday Obedience {If you know it’s going to be crazy, Katie’s FOCUSed 15 studies are perfect for your busiest seasons when you want to dig into the Word but your time is truly limited. You can order it through my affiliate link here.}
  • Entrusted {LifeWay Women is doing this study online this summer and I highly recommend it to everyone who is engaged in ministry.}
  • James with me!

So, tell me, what is your biggest challenge with maintaining your quiet time in the summer?

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