What if … We Take Off the Masks

We're nearing the end of this "What if ... 10 ways to live well in today's world" series. We've looked at several important topics such as doing something instead of everything, embracing good enough, taking a nap, choosing to be content, pursuing our passions, and giving ourselves grace. Today's topic is a tough one: What if we take off the masks? I'm reading {again} Emily Freeman's incredible book, Grace for the Good Girl. I started re-reading it a few weeks ago when I realized I was ... [Read More]

So, There Are These Voices in my Head

Yeah. I know. I just confirmed what many of you had already been thinking ... this girl is cray-zee. And I'm probably going to double confirm your belief with what I tell you next — I named the voices. I mean, I didn't give each of them an individual name. But collectively, I call them "the committee." My committee heaves all sorts of expectations on me, constantly reminding me of where and how I don't measure up. Clearly, the committee isn't the most encouraging influence in my life. But ... [Read More]