Remembering Nana Jo

Today we will celebrate and remember a life well-lived.  My step-grandmother, Joann, passed away Sunday, November 7th.   The first time I met Joann, she smiled the warm smile she always had, and offered me tuna fish, made - in her own words - as close as she could to the way my own Mema (who had passed away a few years before) had made it. She was a gracious, kind, generous person and though many miles separated us, whenever we spoke on the phone it was as if we had no distance or time between ... [Read More]

Last vestiges of summer

We are a mere nine days from the start of school this year.   I'm finding it increasingly difficult to believe my baby will be in 5th grade ... the last year of elementary school is here.  Seriously?  Wasn't I just bringing this home from the hospital? As these moments rush past me, I'm making a decision rooted in overflowing love to spend more time with her during these final days of summer laziness.   Unplugging for the most part and going to one of our favorite places, we'll be spending ... [Read More]