Grace Is for Everyone — even yourself!

Welcome to Day 29 of 31 Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living! It's our last Saturday together. Man, I hope you've been encouraged. I keep thinking about how this information probably isn't stuff you've never heard before but also that sometimes it just takes hearing it in a new way or at the right time for it to sink in. That's what I'm praying for all of us — that we will let this truth about the abundant life to the full God has for us sink in deep and change everything about us and our ... [Read More]

3 Ways to Cope during Busy Weeks

Too blessed to be stressed and too busy to rest? Welcome to the reality for most Christian women. Desperately trying to be on the go and in the Word — and exhausted. We don’t need one more plan for ordering our days or one more list for accomplishing more. We need someone to whisper, “It’s okay. You’re okay." Can I tell you something important? Busy isn't necessarily bad. Jesus was busy. He was on the go. And, much like the mom with little ones, someone was always wanting something from ... [Read More]