3 Ways to Cope during Busy Weeks

Too blessed to be stressed and too busy to rest?

Welcome to the reality for most Christian women. Desperately trying to be on the go and in the Word — and exhausted. We don’t need one more plan for ordering our days or one more list for accomplishing more. We need someone to whisper, “It’s okay. You’re okay.” Can I tell you something important?

Busy isn’t necessarily bad.

Jesus was busy. He was on the go. And, much like the mom with little ones, someone was always wanting something from Him.

too blessed to be stressed? too busy to rest? 3 ways to cope during the busy weeks

Are you busy? I can relate. This week is cheer tryouts for my girl {prayers for calm hearts and healthy bodies appreciated!}. For those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the cheer life, that means all day at school followed by six or more hours of cheer clinic and practices today and tomorrow and then the stress of tryouts Wednesday morning and a long day waiting for results to be posted Wednesday evening. My husband is a worship leader and it’s less than two weeks until Easter {in other words, he’s really busy!} and we’re about to start a renovation of our sanctuary {which means he has to work with people to figure out lights and sound and all sorts of other things I will never understand}. I’m working on a book proposal, have a speaking engagement this weekend, and everyone still likes to eat and have clean clothes.

It’s busy right now at the Underwood abode. And, based on the calendar, it looks like it will be this way until sometime in July. {But I’m trying not to think about that right now.}

 I can be frustrated by all of this … or I can lean in the Lord. He knows what busy looks like. He knows how busy can open the doors to sin and temptation.  He knows busy can be my downfall.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a week like this … and honestly, it won’t be the last. But I’ve learned there are things I can do to make it less stressful — for me and the rest of my family. Here are 3 ways to cope during busy weeks:

Prioritize time with the Lord.

Right now I’m using the She Reads Truth Lent study. It is so good. And one of the things I love the most about it, is I can access it wherever I am. My preference is to sit down in the morning with my Bible and journal and a cup of coffee. But some days, that just isn’t happening.  With the SRT app on my phone, I’m able to read the Scripture and the devotional as well as engage in the SRT community through the comments no matter where I am.

The thing is, and I’ve said it before, God isn’t interested in you checking off “quiet time” on your to do list … His interest is YOU!

Know when good enough is enough.

This week, I’m lowering the standards on just about everything. Casiday will be eating supper in the car on the way to the dance studio tonight and tomorrow night. James will probably eat TV dinners and Scott will likely be on his own. And who knows what I’ll eat. This isn’t best. In fact, it isn’t even good.  But it is good enough. For two days.

Some times it’s all we can do to keep enough laundry done for the next day. Sometimes our kids eat mac and cheese for three days straight. Some weeks, the sheets don’t get changed and the bathroom doesn’t get scrubbed. It’s okay. I promise. Especially during the busy seasons.  It won’t last forever … but while it does, good enough is really enough.

Give yourself grace.

This is the hardest one. But when life is busy and you can’t get it all done perfectly and you lose your temper and you forget the bread and a red sock finds its way into the white load of laundry and now your husband has pretty pink undershirts and socks, give yourself grace! It’s a safe bet this week I won’t manage to wash my hair every day {I’m just hoping for a shower every day!} … and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll forget at least one thing I need to do.

There’s room for error and room for exhaustion.We’re going to mess it up sometimes. Our instinct is to beat ourselves up and wonder why we can’t do more and be more. But here’s the thing: Grace! Just grace.

So, there’s your Monday encouragement from me {and a reminder FOR me!}.


Teri Lynne

How do you manage the busy seasons in your life?

3 ways to cope during the busy weeks || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

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  1. Wonderful. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom in your words.

    The Eternal God is our Refige, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms. Ahhhh…..

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