15 Years of Mothering {and why it’s harder than I ever thought!}

Fifteen years ago our daughter was born. I had all kinds of hopes and dreams about what life with a girl was going to be. I envisioned tea parties and dance classes. I looked forward to pedicures and movie dates. I anticipated shopping trips and girls only getaway weekends. I was sure I’d be the kind of mom who knew when to listen and how to point her daughter back to Scripture. I just knew we’d share a love for Bible study and maybe even one day do conferences together for moms and ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, God is Faithful!

Dear Weary Mom, Do you ever feel like a total failure as a mom? I suppose if we're honest, we have all felt that way at some point.  We spend more time than we ought contemplating every mistake, bleep, and blunder.  We lie awake at night regretting the words spoken in anger.  And, maybe, you've even had those moments of wondering if perhaps you weren't really cut out for this whole mothering thing. Can I whisper some words of encouragement into your ear? God is faithful, friend! And He ... [Read More]

Be Present … Don’t Wish Today Away!

I used to think I had this mothering thing figured out.  Now, most days I vacillate between trusting grace for the mistakes I've made and fighting fear for the mistakes I will make next. It's easy for me to get caught up in regret over what has already happened or to fill my head and heart with worry over what will happen next.  Maybe you can relate? Every season of parenting has brought its own hilarity and conundrums.  Some phases have been easier than others.  But each has ended and ... [Read More]

On Weaknesses and Parenting

I've been writing a lot more about parenting lately. Not because I have all the answers ... quite the opposite in fact.  It seems I basically coasted through the first 12 years of being a mom.  My girl was never really sick, potty trained easily, wasn't clingy, ate well, had lots of friends, and in general was a delightful person. But something crazy happens when a girl turns 13.  Or maybe it's just that something crazy happens to a mom when her girl turns 13. Either way, life since February ... [Read More]

Dear Weary Mom, The Hardest Lesson

It's Thursday.  I love Thursdays.  Thursdays around here are for dishing up truth and hope and grace about mothering.  And I'm so glad you are here to join me.  So let's get going . . . This mothering gig is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.  And I'm so much worse at it than I thought I'd be. Seriously, I thought I'd be awesome! Especially at having a teenager.  I mean, my husband was youth pastor for years.  Parenting a child of our own would be a breeze after that. {Yeah, go ... [Read More]

Mothering Is Just Hard

Before you read any further, know this: I love my people.  Desperately.  And I know they love me. But this business of family, it's tough. Placing others ahead of myself doesn't come naturally and I battle against it every step of the way.  Yesterday, I said the words that will require turning in my Pinterest-perfect mom card, "How much longer until school starts?"  Because, really, y'all, I'm tired of the non-routine of summer. I want to give my girl the freedom to sleep late on the ... [Read More]