On Weaknesses and Parenting

I’ve been writing a lot more about parenting lately. Not because I have all the answers … quite the opposite in fact.  It seems I basically coasted through the first 12 years of being a mom.  My girl was never really sick, potty trained easily, wasn’t clingy, ate well, had lots of friends, and in general was a delightful person.

But something crazy happens when a girl turns 13.  Or maybe it’s just that something crazy happens to a mom when her girl turns 13. Either way, life since February has been far more chaotic, tear-filled, and emotionally draining than it was before. My girl is still pretty healthy, has good hygiene, enjoys life both at home and away from home, loves to eat, and has lots of friends … but she isn’t always as delightful as I’d like. 🙂  

So, I write about it … because even though I wrote a book about parenting, I keep finding out how little I know and how much I need the Lord.  Maybe you can relate?

Today, I’m sharing The Truth about Our Weaknesses over at Hope for the Weary Mom.  I’d love for you to join me there and let’s learn together to trust God to use our weaknesses for His glory.

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