Desires for 2016: Preparing Your Heart for the Year Ahead

What are your dreams and desires for 2016? I know, it probably feels like I'm rushing this post ... and maybe I am a little bit. But I was thinking this morning how 2015 has flown by and I know these last few days of this year will be gone like a flash. So I started a little list of dreams I have for next year. Just some hopes and plans I'm pondering and treasuring as I look at what I hope 2016 will bring. These aren't the big goals and resolutions we often talk about as a new year ... [Read More]

A Teenager’s View of Proverbs 31

Over the years I've had the great privilege of mentoring countless women from high school students to senior adults. As a mentor, one of my biggest goals is to empower others to trust their ability to read and apply God's Word to their lives. I encourage using the SOAP method of Bible study and checking in with the group to share what they are learning daily.   Recently the assigned reading for the teenage girls I mentor was Proverbs 31:10 - 31.  They were to read the passage every day and, ... [Read More]