20 Times Jesus Spoke Directly to a Woman … and He Never Once Said, “Go Home!”

Y'all, there is a fire burning in me today ... and it started on Saturday when I first saw the video of John MacArthur and company at the Truth Matters conference. {Let's not even get into why the name of the conference is its own brand of irony. Also, I am not going to link the video ... you can find it easily enough for yourself.} I don't think Beth Moore needs me to defend her. But I do think other women need to see me say THIS IS WRONG! We don't have license to mock and denigrate each ... [Read More]

What I Learned in August

How is August over?? Y'all ... it is crazy! Tonight is my girl will cheer at the first JV football game of the season. The best part of the end of August is that it brings me to my favorite time of the year — COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!! I can't wait to watch Auburn play Louisville on Saturday. Most months I try to join the lovely Emily as she invites us all to share what we learned.  For those of you who just like pictures, here is my month in images: And here is some explanation and ... [Read More]

Book Review: The Pastor’s Wife by Gloria Furman

Do you ever wonder what your pastor's wife is thinking? Or how she feels?  Ever wish you peek into her heart — not as a busy body but so you could better minister to her? If so, The Pastor's Wife* by Gloria Furman is for you. Gloria shares an honest account of life in the pastor's home with a candor and grace that will open your eyes to a taste of what it's like to be married to the man who shepherds the flock and shares the Gospel. While she wrote the book for pastor's wives, I believe ... [Read More]

I’m Headed Back to She Speaks!

Four years ago I was in the throes of writing a book proposal. Lessons from the Hundred Acre Wood was to be my dazzling entrance into the world of traditional publication. I'd studied the best information available concerning form and content for nonfiction proposals. I'd spent hours writing and rewriting every sentence of my sample chapters to provide representatives from publishing houses a glimpse of my writing prowess. And finally, early one July morning in 2010, I climbed into my car ... [Read More]

On Dreams and Seasons of Life

In January I started writing about chasing the God-sized dream in my heart. Of course, it all started with me realizing I wasn't even sure what that dream was and learning to listen so He could show me.  It hasn't been an easy journey for me, this God-size dream chasing.  In fact, I'm sitting here six months later and realizing while I do see a little more clearly, I still am not certain where this path is leading.  I know He's given me a heart and passion for encouraging women to live well, to ... [Read More]

31 Million Orphans. Tell Their Story!

One of the things I love best about blogging is having the opportunity to tell stories.  Not just the stories about my life but the stories of people around the world.  Stories of wells dug and women freed are powerful.  Stories matter. UNICEF estimates there are 31 million children orphaned and abandoned in this nation of 1.2 billion.  Just like I have a hard time wrapping my head around the 27 million people enslaved worldwide, the idea of 31 million orphans in one country leaves me ... [Read More]