Summer in the Psalms

2020 was hard, right? Our family, while so very fortunate in many ways, experienced the loss of my mother-in-law in April last year. That, even more than COVID, shaped everything else about 2020. While she had battled cancer for almost two years, the waves of grief I felt (and still feel) leveled me. I couldn't pray, couldn't read, couldn't study ... I had a very hard time sitting still and focusing. I didn't know what to pray, what to do, how to feel, how to navigate the feelings I had ... [Read More]

So what’s a woman to do?? Spiritual Practices of Faithful Women

While we are in the Holy Land, I'll have the opportunity to share with our group a short teaching/message while we are at a church in Magdala. {Yes, that Magdala ... I can't even believe it!} The church there has a place set aside to honor the contributions of women in the ministry of Jesus and the early church. As I've been considering what I want to share with our group and whoever else happens to be nearby to hear, I've spent some time looking specifically at the women named {either by ... [Read More]

What Do I Really NEED for Bible Study?

Almost every week I talk with or hear from someone who says something like this, "I just really want to learn more about how to study my Bible but I don't even know how to start!" Y'all, for real. This is one of my favorite topics and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to encourage others about taking the first or next step in their spiritual growth. And, for so many people, that means learning how to study their Bible for themselves. While there are countless tools and resources available, ... [Read More]

Let’s Spend the Summer in the Psalms, Shall We?

So, y'all, summer is here in FULL FORCE in Alabama. It is hot. And a few weeks ago I got poison ivy and I'm not sure there is much worse than having poison ivy when it's so miserably hot and humid that you begin sweating the minute you step outside. But, you're not here for my sob story, right? The real point is that even though I'm sweating and itching like crazy, I'm super excited about leading my first online Bible study in two years. And, for the first time ever, I'm doing a NO HOMEWORK ... [Read More]

Is Your Right Now Life a Little Disappointing?

Let's face it, some days, our right now lives are not at all what we had hoped, dreamed, or expected. In fact, your right now life may even be a little disappointing to you. It happens. For most of us, we don't stay in that place of disappointment or disillusionment. But I am just about 100% sure we all visit there from time to time. That's why I can't wait to share some exciting news with you today! Is Your Right Now Life a Little Disappointing? Maybe you're in the middle of one of ... [Read More]

Our Generous God: A Study of Ruth {#fallbiblestudy}

Recently I asked a question on my Facebook page — When you see or hear the word ENTITLED, what is your first thought? The answers weren't too surprising.  Spoiled, selfish, feeling of privilege.  Others said someone who thinks something is owed to them. My friend Becky wrote this, "Expectation of privilege without gratitude." Which of course made me think about the sentence that rocked my world a few years ago, I’m learning we can’t be grateful for something we feel entitled to, even ... [Read More]