April Prayer Calendar Now Available!

Hey girl mom friends! Our April prayer calendar is now available! Do you pray with our community every month? I sure hope so. For the past year or so, I've been working with quarterly themes for our calendars. And I'm excited about the focus we'll be praying the next three months ... our daughters' identity. April Prayer Calendar: Praying through Psalm 139 {Prayers for Her Identity} God declares who we are in Him. He calls us chosen, beloved, precious, the apple of His eye. And yet, ... [Read More]

Praying for Our Daughters

A few months ago, my family and I traveled to Colorado Springs for a fun opportunity I'd been given — to record an interview with Focus on the Family about the value of praying for our girls. Y'all, it was so fun! And such a gift to be able to take my husband and daughter with me. We had a great time and loved the time we were able to spend talking with both broadcast host John Fuller and Focus President Jim Daly. I was so impressed with Mr. Daly — and if you haven't read his book, Refocus, ... [Read More]

How to Raise an Esther in a World that Loves the Kardashians

{Note: I had the BEST conversation on this topic with my friends Brooke and Erin on the Million Praying Moms podcast. You can listen here.} Last week, Casiday and I were in Sephora, which is basically a department store of makeup.  She wandered the aisles looking at brushes and serums and palettes.  I followed behind, asking what I hope were reasonably intelligent questions. My girl loves makeup.  She loves trying new products and new techniques. She watches YouTube tutorials and pays ... [Read More]

The Day After (and why it’s even better than the day of)

Today isn't the big day It's just an ordinary Wednesday. We've got Vacation Bible School tonight. I need to give the dog a bath. And there are errands to be run. I'll spend my morning doing laundry and running the vacuum. I'll spend my afternoon in the car, driving then stopping multiple times to complete all the tasks on my list.  I'll probably forget to eat lunch before I leave the house and will therefore be unable to resist the siren call of the hot sign at Krispy Kreme around 3:30 pm. It ... [Read More]

Happy Book Birthday!! Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most

Y'all! It's here!! I can't believe it is finally July 18 — and Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most is making her appearance in this big old world. But there's some else I want to tell you — this book isn't just for moms. Happy Book Birthday! Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most It's true, while I believe it's a resource that can both encourage and equip girl moms to pray with confidence and boldness. The simple truth is — Praying for Girls ... [Read More]

What If I Fail

You know that thing when I tell people I love to start things and then get bored and quit? I mentioned this fun little personality quirk in my recent conversation with Angie Elkins if you wonder more about it. Anyway ... I had this fleeting thought recently (or maybe it was almost every day for the past month) — Can I quit this book launch thing? Not because it's not fun anymore (which is the normal reason I want to quit things) but because of something far more ominous for overachievers ... [Read More]