Let’s Spend the Summer in the Psalms, Shall We?

So, y'all, summer is here in FULL FORCE in Alabama. It is hot. And a few weeks ago I got poison ivy and I'm not sure there is much worse than having poison ivy when it's so miserably hot and humid that you begin sweating the minute you step outside. But, you're not here for my sob story, right? The real point is that even though I'm sweating and itching like crazy, I'm super excited about leading my first online Bible study in two years. And, for the first time ever, I'm doing a NO HOMEWORK ... [Read More]

6 Keys to Thriving in the Hard Seasons

Financial crisis. Health issues. Relationship struggles. Hard seasons come for all of us. And sometimes it just feels like we're never going to make it. I've been there ... and there's a good chance I'll be there again at some point. Life is full of hard days, difficult seasons. Sometimes we can see them coming. We can brace ourselves for the storm. But other times, we're blindsided, caught totally unaware. We know we'll survive ... it's not that we think the storms will completely ... [Read More]

Praying the Psalms {or “I No Longer Think David Was a Whiner”}

I can be, well let's just say, I can be overly emotional. I like to blame it on my mid-forties hormones but the truth is, I've always been this way. I come by it honest — my Bigmama is, as my Aunt Mollianne says, "a force of nature." I feel things deeply, believe things strongly, and speak things passionately. I get tears in my eyes every time the band plays "Star-Spangled Banner" before a football game and I laugh hysterically at the cat and cucumber videos every time I watch them on ... [Read More]