When God Draws Near: The Person of Redemption

About half of women in the United States feel unattractive without makeup (source).  Based on my Twitter stream, a good percentage of women struggle to build solid friendships with other women in their communities.  We battle  feelings of insecurity and insignificance.  We wonder if we are good enough at mothering, wife-ing, homemaking, and ministering. Based […]

When God Draws Near: Our Need for Redemption

Life is messy.  Dishes have to be done over and over.  Laundry keeps piling up.  Furniture needs dusting and floors need vacuuming. Babies need diapers and toddlers spill juice.  Children bicker and tweens roll eyes.  Spouses disagree.  Exhausted and worn thin from emotions spilled over and giving pieces of ourselves to everyone in our lives, […]