3 Reasons Men Should Study Women in Scripture

How many women from the Bible can you name? How many men in Scripture can you name? Odds are, the answer to the second question is a much higher number than the answer to the first. And, as I said yesterday, I don't want to get into why that's true ... but I do want to encourage all of us, both men and women, to become more aware of the women in the Bible. Over the past year in particular, I've discovered that often men are unaware of most of the women specifically mentioned in the ... [Read More]

20 Women in Scripture You Need to Know

Ruth, Eve, Esther, Mary, Martha, the other Mary, and that other Mary ... how many women in Scripture can you name? And, even more importantly, how much do you know about the women in the BIble? Sadly, most of us don't know very much. Which is strange considering both men and women are made in the image of God, both men and women are clearly used by God for His good purposes in Scripture, and both men and women are vital to God's mission of sharing the gospel. Rather than dig into all the ... [Read More]

The Women of Holy Week—the Widow who Gave All

Holy Week wasn't a part of my Southern Baptist tradition growing up.  In fact, I'm not sure I ever heard the week between Palm Sunday and Easter described as such until I was an adult.  But, just as the practices and solemnity of Advent and Lent have drawn me in, I've discovered such depth in understanding the specific activities of Christ, the different people he encountered, the direct words he spoke, each day of that final week. Yesterday, as I was slowly reading through Mark's account of ... [Read More]