Resting in Chaos

We’re moving.  Back home to north Alabama.  In two weeks. Exactly.  Fourteen days to pack my house and clear up loose ends here.  Fourteen days to make sure everything is ready for our arrival there.  Fourteen days.

To say that my life has suddenly gotten crazy and the idea of writing a series on rest over these next couple of weeks seems absolutely ridiculous would be an understatement.   But, the truth is, I’m learning to rest in the chaos.   I’m doing what needs to be done each day … but I’m also enjoying time with friends who stop by to help pack a box or two.   I’m accepting lunch dates, even if it means being seen in less than my normal “out and about” style.

I’m learning that rest isn’t always about circumstances … it’s deeply rooted in the heart. And it’s also much easier to experience when you know what’s really important to you.   Because the truth is … all these books will end up in boxes and all the necessary phone calls will get made.   But what really matters to me is letting these dear friends we have made over the past 10-1/2 years know that their love and support has made a difference in my life.

And that means slowing down even when life is rushing by.

How do you rest in the chaos?

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  1. I am so excited to see you next week and praying for a smooth {however that can be done with a move this quick} move for you and your precious family. Love you girl!

  2. Praying for you my dear friend, that God would give you sweet rest, pefect peace, and a knowledge that He is holding you close to your heart planting memories to cherish forever in these last few days.


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