IF THIS, THEN THAT: A Simple Guide to Choosing a Summer Bible Study

Have you seen the IFTTT app? Designed to connect every part of our online lives from social media to productivity, from news to healthy living, IFTTT is the answer to it all.

Full disclosure, I just signed up for the app this morning so I can’t verify that claim. But if it’s even half-true, I’m going to love it. 🙂

As I was looking at all my IFTTT options, I started thinking how cool it would be if we could create a formula to help us figure out what is the best Bible study plan to use during different seasons of life. For real, right? Which then led to me thinking, what if I shared some “if this, then that” suggestions for Bible study plans during the summer.

And I thought, heck yeah! Let’s do it!!

IF THIS, THEN THAT: A Simple Guide for Choosing a Summer Bible Study

If This, Then That: A Simple Guide to Choosing a Summer Bible Study

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IF you get overwhelmed by daily assignments but want to do a deeper study, THEN check out Gospel of Mark by Lisa Harper.

I had the privilege of being on the review and launch team for this great study. It is a six-week study that is divided into “chunks” rather than days. I like this because it feels like Lisa knew I was going to have a hard time doing five days but I could probably mange four chunks. This does have a video teaching component {which is great!} but the study is excellent even without the videos.  If you want to spend the summer digging deep into who Jesus is, this is a great option.

Gospel of Mark study || Gospel of Mark teaching videos

IF you want to learn how to study Scripture, THEN I recommend 1 Peter by Jen Wilkin.

It’s no secret I LOVE Jen Wilkin’s teaching and believe she is one of the best Bible teachers of our generation. She is totally Word-focused and teaches in the expository style. Her study on 1 Peter is FABULOUS! If you feel a little uncertain about how to study Scripture, this is a great  resource for learning what Bible study is and how to do it. The principles of study used in the 1 Peter study can be applied to any other book of the Bible you want to dig into. This is a nine-week study with daily work. Each day’s reading/study is only one or two pages. I’d estimate it will take between 30 and 45 minutes max to do each days assignment. Again, there are videos but I did the study without them and it was great. {Jen’s book, Women of the Word, is a must have resource for anyone who wants to learn how to study the Bible.}

Side note: This would also be a great tool to use with your older daughter or a high-school or college-age girl you want to disciple.

1 Peter study || 1 Peter teaching videos

Not sure how to choose a summer Bible study? Try this IF THIS, THEN THAT list for some recommendations.

IF your summer means a lot of time away from home, THEN Acts with She Reads Truth is a perfect choice.

If your summer is more “on the go,” She Reads Truth might be just what you need. I’ve been using the SRT plans for several years and have loved each of them.  I have never purchased any of their study guide books and only have bought a few of the plans via the app. Most of the time, I just use their website on my phone or iPad along with my journaling Bible and a plain old notebook to keep track of what I’m reading and learning. This summer, the SRT community will spend six weeks in the Book of Acts.  The content at SRT is excellent and the comment sections after each post are full of even more insights and encouragement.

She Reads Truth Acts Plan || Prayers from the Pews: The Power of Praying for Your Church

IF you know you’ll be strapped for time but want to be challenged, THEN definitely consider the Focused 15 studies by Katie Orr.

If you like a specific plan and know you don’t have a lot of time but want to be challenged and encouraged, check out the Focused 15 studies. Katie is a great Bible teacher and truly you can do each day’s lesson in about 15 minutes. She has three children and is a pastor’s wife so she knows the struggle of finding time for Bible study.

Everyday Hope || Everyday Faith || Everyday Love

IF you need a simple plan with a guaranteed daily application, THEN I recommend Proverbs.

I can’t offer a list of suggested Bible reading or study plans and leave this one out. This is my “go to” plan … because if it was good enough for Billy Graham, it’s good enough for me. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs so every day you read the chapter that corresponds with that day’s date. Easy peasy! If your summer is going to be a hot mess of pool days and trips to the zoo and play dates in the part, this one could be the perfect plan for you — all you need is your phone with a Bible app.

ESV App || Choose Wisdom: a devotional journey through Proverbs

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Here’s the thing: there is no perfect quiet time! Find a rhythm that works for you and remember the goal is to know Jesus more. IF you spend the time now figuring out what will work with your schedule THEN you’ll be on your way to having the summer you really want to have, Bible study and all.

And here is my plan for the summer … which is honestly more Bible than study. 🙂


Teri Lynne

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Looking for a summer Bible study? Use these simple IF THIS, THEN THAT suggestions.

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