My Summer Bible Reading Plan

Can I let you in on a little secret? It’s about one of those things we don’t like to talk about or admit. When the topic comes up, we’re likely to just smile and nod and hope no one asks us anything directly. It’s about something we all readily agree should be a priority … and yet, somehow, there are days when we never seem to find the time.

Here’s the truth: I am a quiet time failure every summer.

I start with great intentions. I always have a plan. But somehow by the end of June the wheels have usually fallen off my quiet time wagon. This usually coincides with our vacation … and for some reason, I never manage to get back on track. Maybe you’re the same way? {please say you are!!}

Summer Bible Reading Plan || Teri Lynne Underwood

One of my favorite quiet time tips is “Don’t bite off more than you can chew!” And this, y’all, is exactly what I’ve done for the past few years. In my mind I imagine long mornings devoted to time in the Word. So I pick out an in-depth study.  And I usually get through day 5 before the desire to sleep a little later or watch one more YouTube video with Casiday leads to me rushing through my quiet time and skipping the study part “just until tomorrow” and well, from there, it’s basically a mess.

Y’all, I WANT to watch those YouTube videos with Casiday … and I want to sleep a little later on the days I can. This is the joy of having a teenager who can fix her own breakfast instead of a toddler who can’t! 🙂

This summer, I’m firmly set on remembering this one truth: The goal of my quiet time is to know Him! It isn’t about my accomplishment or finishing the latest study — it’s about meeting with the One who loves me and learning more who He is and how He wants to work in me.  That doesn’t necessarily mean two hours of study a day {though if there ends up being a few days like that I won’t complain}. In fact, it likely means I’ll be DOING less his summer instead of more. And you know what? That’s okay!!


I have a couple of big writing projects to do this summer. One is huge really. I’m going to have to put my butt in the chair and W.R.I.T.E.  Plus, in July I’ll be launching the Prayers for Girls blog with a fabulous team of girl mom writers. So that’s going to be a lot of work. And, the biggest thing is this: my daughter has only two summers left at home before she starts college and everything changes whether she lives at home while she goes to school or not. I want to spend as much time as possible with her.

All of that to say this, I’ll be spending the summer reading the Bible in 90 Days. I’ve done this several times and always found it incredibly encouraging and rewording.  Basically, it means reading 12 pages a day of Scripture.  When I do the B90 plan, I don’t try to journal and I’m not really studying {though I do often look for themes and words that flow throughout the Bible}. Basically, I read. I just allow the Word to soak into my heart and mind. It’s VERY low key for me. But, for this season, I know it’s the best plan. And I’m excited about doing it.

When your crazy summer means your plan is more Bible than study

So, that’s it — my summer Bible study plan is really more Bible than study. And if I’m honest, I felt a little nervous about sharing this with you, especially after recommending so many great Bible studies yesterday. But the truth is, I didn’t want this to be another summer of Bible study failure and I knew if I tried to do anything more than simply savor the Word, I’d end up off track once again. This plan feels completely doable and also important during such a chaotic season in my life.


Teri Lynne

Have you ever done the Bible in 90 Days?

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Bible in 90 Days Bible {This is the official B90 Days Bible. I have used it several times and highly recommend it.} || Everyday Matters Bible for Women NLT {This is the Bible I will be using this summer because I have marked up my B90 Days Bible and I wanted to use a different translation.}

Learn more about B90 || Download the B90 Reading Plan

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