Quiet Times, West Wing, and Being Invaded

What if we focused less on having a perfect quiet time and more on connecting with the Perfect One?

Wow! Yesterday’s post spoke to several of you. Thanks for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I loved the comments on Instagram too … gotta love getting a “Boom!” about a post! {Thanks, Stef! And I loved this post she wrote about moms needing their own Bible time.}

I’ve often wondered why my most popular posts are about quiet times and Bible studies. I think is has to do with this one thing:

We desperately want someone to tell us we’re doing it right!

I am amazed at how many competent, intelligent, thoughtful women become insecure and uncertain when it comes to the Bible and having a quiet time. Girls, it’s this: spending time with the Lord.

What if we focused less on having a perfect quiet time and more on connecting with the Perfect One?

Let me give you an example:

I love West Wing. It is the best television show of all time. {Don’t argue with me … remember, I went to college on a debate scholarship.} My favorite character on the show is Donna Moss. She’s beautiful, bright, capable, and a bit of a dork. When I watch the show, it is often through Donna’s eyes. I see the other characters in terms of their relationships with her. Every time I watch an episode, I gain a deeper appreciation for her character and find another reason to love her.

Now, I’m never going to get to hang out with Donna Moss and ask her why in the world she yelled at the chickens during season six.  Obviously, she isn’t real. But God is very real. And when we read the Bible we slowly begin to understand His character. We understand how simple and yet complex His love for us is. We begin to see the world through His eyes and view our relationships with others in light of our relationship with Him. The more we read, the more we grasp His nature and love … and the more we learn to love and live for Him.

You see, having a quiet time is less about what you do and more about Who you meet.

And, the more time you spend with God, the deeper your awareness is of Him in every aspect of your life and in the world around us. It’s not about what devotional you use or what time you read or if you journal or light a candle … it’s about slowing your mind and heart to give space for God’s Presence to invade your space. In fact, that’s essentially what a quiet time is: God’s invasion into your space. When you open yourself up for Him to challenge and encourage you, to convict and teach you, you’ve invited Him to invade you.

Right now my quiet time is around 8 am. I sit in a comfy chair in my dining room where I can look out the window. I grab my ESV Study Bible, a journal, and Whispers of Hope or Jesus Calling or Streams in the Desert … and I ask for the invasion. Because I’m a Type A, list-making sort of girl, I typically write out all my “to dos” and worries and concerns first thing. I offer them to the Lord. Then I read a passage of Scripture … sometimes I read the chapter from which my devotion comes, sometimes I read from whatever book I’m teaching in my Bible study class, and sometimes I read a chapter of Proverbs. I journal what I’ve read, what questions the passage raises, my responses to what God has shown me through the verses. Some days I stop there. But other days I go ahead and open one of my devotionals. I read the devotion and journal any quotes or thoughts I have in response.

There’s nothing inherently awesome about what I do … and truth be told, if you ask me in a few months I’ll probably be doing something different. I try to use what I’ve learned to encourage others so I typically share a verse or quote I read on Instagram and Facebook along with some of my thoughts.

sharing portions of my quiet time on Instagram

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: don’t spend so much time trying to find the perfect system that you miss out on encountering the Perfect One. Nothing else in our lives is perfect, so why on earth do we expect our quiet times will be??

What if we made this decision, to let go of the quest for a perfect quiet time and choose to be invaded by God’s Presence instead? What would that look like for you?

Teri Lynne

What’s the Point of a Quiet Time?

what is the point of a quiet time?

Have You Missed the Point?

I feel the need to confess something … my mornings have been utter chaos this summer. Camps and vacation and the urgent need for catching up on laundry in between finds me struggling to get into a good routine. I have great intentions. But in the clash between reality and intentions, well, reality typically wins. This summer has been full of hit and miss morning quiet times.  More misses than hits, since I’m confessing. Maybe you deal with the same thing?

Perhaps you have a baby or toddler who is not an awesome sleeper? Or maybe your kids have been involved in several activities this summer all of which are in the mornings? Or could it be that you, like me, relish the slower pace of summer days at home and somehow find the days passed without a moment in the Word {but lots of time spent with your kids!}? But the question that keeps coming back to my mind is this: what is the point of a quiet time?

A couple of years ago I wrote a series, Starting Well in 2012, and the first area of focus was time in the Word. One of those posts, 10 Tips for a Great Quiet Time, is the most viewed post on my blog. In one of those posts I wrote this,

God is not interested in your quiet time or devotions or personal Bible study … His interest is YOU. 

I had to remind myself of that truth recently as the guilt weighed heavy on my heart. I am not saying it isn’t important to spend time in Scripture and prayer. It is. But I am convinced of this, God isn’t looking for a checked-off list.  He is looking for women who are passionate about knowing Him.

And sometimes knowing Him looks like snuggling with our babies and reminding them {and ourselves} how much God loves us. There are days when knowing Him is less about reading a chapter of Ezekiel and more about slowing down to listen to a friend.

I don’t know what today looks like for you. I barely know what today looks like for me. But I do know this, knowing God is about spending time with Him and living in response to what we know. If you read the Bible all the time and do every Bible study that comes across your Facebook or Twitter stream but you never actually live what you’ve learned, you’ve missed the point entirely.

James says,

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit the orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27

If you are not living what you’ve already learned, you’re missing the whole point of Bible study. My challenge to you is this — do what you know.


Teri Lynne

Summer Update

savoring the moments

I’m the worst blogger ever.

It’s true … I want to write.  I mean to write. But then somehow I end up watching a “Friends” marathon with my girl and I realize how very uninteresting a story that makes so I make a list of blog posts I could write.  You know, things like “101 books you should read this summer” or “Tips for Looking Busy” …

The thing is, well, there’s been a lot going on around here and I’m pretty much an epic failure at multitasking. {And perhaps I have a very low standard of how much needs to be done in order to call a day successful.} And I’m finding sometimes the moments are better savored in my memory than scratched out on the page.

So, I thought I’d give a little update … and share a few things I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

summer update

Post Heart Attack

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the medicines. I am hoping to get a second opinion from a different cardiologist in August. We have a lot of unanswered questions about what led to my heart attack and what I can do now to prevent another one. Your prayers as we seek answers are greatly appreciated.

Cheer Mom

Yowza, y’all! This is sort of a full time job!  But I have to admit … I LOVE IT!! I’ll have to do a whole post {eventually} about the cute gifts I did for the girls before camp. Seriously, I’m trying not to be like one of those women on “Dance Moms” … but I might have a little obsession with cheer bows.

She Speaks

I cannot believe I’ll be at She Speaks NEXT WEEK. Unbelievable! I’m working hard on my two sessions for the pre-conference and I’m excited to be co-leading a session during the main conference with Amy Carroll and doing another special session for the Advanced Speakers as well. This is really a dream come true for me and I’m so honored to have been asked.

Speaking Events

I just scheduled my first event for 2015. Wow! If your church is planning on a retreat or other event this fall or winter, I’d love to come share with your ladies. For more information about my speaking ministry check out my Speaking page.


I have a few projects in process … including a couple of Bible studies and a new book. This fall is going to be full of writing and releasing! If you are interested in helping me spread the word about these projects, please email me: teri {at} terilynneunderwood {dot} com.  I’d love to have a team of 8 to 12 — and I’m not looking specifically for bloggers so if you just love reading and using social media, please feel free to contact me!


Coaching has really captured my heart right now. I love helping people sort out their goals and develop a plan for reaching them.  I’ve got some great clients. {More information on coaching here.}

So that’s the news around here … Scott and I celebrated our 18th anniversary in June. You can keep up with Buddy the Basset’s antics as well as all the random craziness of my life through my Instagram. And if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page where we can chat about all sorts of randomness.

I promise, this fall I’ll be back on track … well, maybe promise is too strong a word.  I really hope!! :) Thank you for sticking with me … and for being such sweet encouragers in my life.


What’s going on in your life this summer??

Hello!! It’s been awhile …

Hello! I'm so glad you're here ...

Hello! I'm so glad you're here ...

This summer has been crazy! Can anyone else relate? It seems the older my daughter gets, the busier our life gets. But if you follow me on Instagram, you know we’ve had a blast. I sure do wish you were here so we could sit down in chairs like those gorgeous blue ones above and chat about all the fun and adventures and stresses of these past few weeks. Wouldn’t that be awesome??

In the middle of all the chaos, I’ve been working on a big project — a new design! And guess what? I did it all myself! I’m still working on a few things so if all the corners aren’t swept, please just overlook the mess.  The truth is, if you came to my house you’d have to overlook the laundry on the couch or the dishes in the sink, so now my blog looks even more like my real life! :)

I hope you’ll peek around … there are lots of new photos and I’ve updated almost every page. I’m glad you’re here and I’ve missed you!

If you haven’t already subscribed to my newsletter, please do that … I’ve got a special gift for all my subscribers — 19 Ways to Invigorate Your Quiet Time.  {You can subscribe in the sidebar ~~>} {If you’re reading this in email, you can can subscribe by clicking here.}

My plan is to post on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week.  So be sure to come back Thursday when I’ll be sharing about another something new!

In the meantime, thanks again for being here!

Teri Lynne

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How I Love This Child!!

being her mom is one of my greatest joys!

being her mom is one of my greatest joys!

Being her mom is one of the greatest joys of my life! This girl is hilarious and kind, generous and talented. And while there are days when the clash of the hormones threatens to overwhelm my sanity, parenting a teenage girl is way more fun than I ever dreamed it would be.

There are moments when I realize how very much like her mom she is … and there are also moments when the only way I know she’s mine is I was there when she was born!!

Today I’m at Mothers of Daughters spilling all about the two weeks I spent with my girl at camps and how thankful I am for the 20ish hours we spent in the car. Join me??


Learning to Love Well

Learning to Love Well {and some thoughts on "A Loving Life" by Paul Miller}

Learning to Love Well {and some thoughts on "A Loving Life" by Paul Miller}

For the record, 42-year-olds are really not meant for dorm life. At least not this 42-year-old. In case you missed all the photos on Instagram, I spent nearly two weeks with my girl at cheer camp and then youth camp. I should also mention this 42-year-old is really not meant to spend that much time away from home. :)

I’m so glad I went with her — those long conversations and belly laughs in the car as we drove from one camp to the other were worth far more than the lack of sleep. {And the video she took of me when I was driving … well, let’s just say it’s priceless and will remain a closely guarded mother-daughter moment.}

I didn’t get much work done while I was gone.  And by much, what I really mean is any. I have several big projects in the works and I {don’t laugh!} thought I’d get a big chunk taken out of at least one or two of them while she was cheering in Auburn and at youth camp at Carson Newman. Let’s just leave it at sometimes I totally overestimate how awesome I can be.

I did accomplish one thing in between watching the JV cheerleaders win three superior ribbons at UCA camp and walking uphill EVERYWHERE at Carson Newman University: I finished reading A Loving Life by Paul Miller.

As those who visit this little space online often know, I am an avid reader. But I try to be very selective in recommending books … let’s face it, every book simply cannot be “a must read.” One of my goals in sharing books and other resources is to be clear about what I liked and how it could be helpful or encouraging. Typically I find there is only one book a year I’d say everyone should read. Last year it was Let Hope In by Pete Wilson. Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch is the one I had chosen for 2014. 

A Loving Life by Paul Miller

But, I’m adding another one. Miller’s exploration of the book of Ruth and the concept of hesed {the steadfast, covenant love of God} in A Loving Life is both challenging and compelling. I read this one with Bible and journal nearby because I consistently had to stop and pray and study before I could move to the next section. I’ve underlined half the book and covered the margins with notes.

The fifth sentence in chapter one says,

The great barrier to love is ego, the life of self. {p. 19}

Y’all, I’ve been praying for the past three years for the Lord to teach me to love well. And, honestly, I’ve felt a little like a failure in that area. I’d begun to thing learning to love well was something I’d never grasp. If I ever needed a reminder how self-absorbed I can be, a week in third-story {and no elevator}, cramped dorm room with hall showers was definitely a good one. The middle school girls were excited about the adventure of dorm life, even temporary dorm life.  I was trying to figure out when to take a shower so no one was in there while I was {in case you’re wondering, 5:30 to 6:00 am is the answer}.

being last

A few years ago I wrote about biblical submission and posited the idea submission begins with simply being polite. Miller echoes that idea when he writes, “Make us simply helpful to each other.” {p. 76}

We’re heading out for our family vacation tomorrow, I’m praying for wisdom and grace to love well … to bring down the barrier of selfishness in my heart and to make helpfulness my goal. Perhaps loving well begins with looking for ways to help the people around me.

What lesson have you been learning lately about love?


P.S. You can find a link to purchase A Loving Life in the recommended resources on my sidebar. That is an affiliate link for Amazon and I will receive a small commission if you purchase through it.

4 Great Books for Girl Moms

4 great books for girl moms {especially moms of teenage girls!} || recommendations by Teri Lynne Underwood

We leave for cheer camp today … the girl is equal parts excited, exhausted, and edgy. I can’t wait for lemonade at Toomer’s this evening! {Did I mention the two moms I’m sharing a hotel room with this week are both Alabama fans … and we’ll be in Auburn?? And tomorrow I get to see Aubie?? If you’ve never seen the campus of Auburn University, it is gorgeous! And the “loveliest village on the plains” is also a beautiful place to be.}

Anyway, this post isn’t really about my affection for Auburn {War Eagle!}. And it’s not about how parenting a teenage girl is both the most fun and the most difficult thing {though I imagine you can expect to read a few posts on that topic}.  I’ll also save my thoughts on how I am absolutely not old enough to have a daughter starting high school this fall … but how excited I am for the next four years. Nope, there will be lots of time for writing about all of that. {Well, maybe not lots of time — let’s face it, “lots of time” doesn’t seem to exist!}

Today I thought I’d share four great books I’ve read lately.  Four books I believe girl moms {especially moms of teenage girls!} will find encouraging and useful for engaging with their daughters.

4 great books for girl moms {especially moms of teenage girls!} || recommendations by Teri Lynne Underwood

Exploring Grace Together: 40 Devotions for the Family by Jessica Thompson

First a confession: We haven’t been using this as a family devotion book. Instead, I’ve used it to help me be intentional about sharing the message of grace with my girl. I’ve read the book and it has become a springboard to conversations about relationships, faith, and countless situations she faces in her life {and I face in mine}. For example, my daughter {like her mom} has people in her life she finds it difficult to love. One of the devotions is titled “I Can’t Be Nice” and it contains the story of a girl who struggles with being nice to another girl who is a “mean girl.” We’ve talked through the questions at the end of this devotion and looked at Romans 5:8 which reminds us that God loved us while we were still sinners … and what that means about how we should love others no matter what.  Seriously, this is a great resource for moms … no matter how old your children are!

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms by Gloria Furman

I love this little book! The short, easy-t0-read chapters are packed with encouragement and truth. In the Introduction, the author writes, “Our joy cannot be wrapped up in motherhood, but only in God” {p. 21}. Oh y’all! It’s so easy to let what is going on with my girl become the defining factor in my day. But that isn’t what God intends! From start to finish this book both challenged and inspired me. Near the end of the Conclusion, Gloria shares these words of wisdom,

The long view of motherhood sees far beyond the third trimester, potty training, and even high school graduation. The long view of motherhood scans the horizon of eternity. {p. 153}

I don’t know about you, but I need that reminder! This season of parenting, as much fun as it can be, isn’t all there is. These days of parenting, as exhausting as they can be, isn’t the final word. As my precious friend and mentor Kate always reminds me, “You’re raising a world changer!’ The long view of motherhood remembers that truth.

Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longs of a Woman’s Heart by Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery

I haven’t read the Shades of Grey series nor will I see the movies. And, if I’d had any doubt about whether or not that was the right decision, reading Pulling Back the Shades would have confirmed my choice. Gresh and Slattery do an excellent job of dealing with the dangers of erotica. But what I most appreciated about this book is the honest and forthright manner in which the authors address sexuality for Christian women. This is not a book of pat answers and simplistic cliches. Instead, Pulling Back the Shades is a candid conversation about erotica and its appeal to women of all ages and demographics.  The authors explain,

This book is not meant to be merely a reaction to the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Ultimately it is about YOU — your longings, your questions, and your wholeness as a spiritual and sexual woman. {p. 13}

But here’s another truth … our daughters live in this hyper-sexualized culture and the lines between appropriate and inappropriate seem to blur more and more every day. And this book deals frankly with the ideas of romance and all the longings and desires we feel as women. When I read statistics like the following, I am reminded how important it is to be proactive in discussing topics like erotica and pornography with my daughter.

  • 25% of children have viewed pornography by the age of 12. Most of those first see the images accidentally. {source}
  • 1 in 3 children ages 11 to 14 have viewed pornography on a tablet or other mobile device. {source}

I don’t know about you but numbers like that make it clear how important it is to have frank conversations with my daughter about these issues. Erotica geared toward teenage girls is widely available for free online. It is absolutely necessary for me to bring up these topics no matter how awkward and uncomfortable the topics make me.

Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World by Dennis Trittin and Arlynn Lawrence

My girl is four years away from high school graduation. Four. Years. More and more I understand why moms of older children warn how quickly time passes. As we prepare for this new season  in our girl’s life, I’m ever more aware that she will be leaving home … and that it will be sooner rather than later.  I’ve been asking myself lots of questions about how prepared she is for life outside our home. I want to make sure I’ve equipped her for the reality of life as an adult.

Parenting for the Launch came to me at just the right time! This book is practical and relevant … and filled with strategies and suggestions to help us guide our teenagers into adulthood with confidence. I received a free copy to review but I believe this book is absolutely one of the best investments parents can make into their children’s future. Responsible and successful adults don’t happen by accident — at least not in my experience. Parenting for the Launch is a powerful resource to help us ask ourselves the right questions as parents so we can equip and encourage our children to enter the world of adulthood prepared for the challenges they will face.

So, there you have it … four books I’ve read recently and found very useful in parenting.  And now, I’m off to spend the day driving cheerleaders to camp and looking forward to a week filled with stunting, dancing, and yelling.

Cheering you on!
Teri Lynne

What’s the best book on parenting you have read lately?


2 Devotional Books I Am Loving in 2014

2 devotional books I am loving in 2014 || Teri Lynne Underwood

Confession: I love devotional books. But I tend to find one and use it for several years before switching to something new. For example, Jesus Calling and Streams in the Desert have been the books I’ve used for the past seven years. So, while I collect devotionals, I find very few I end up using consistently. 2014 has been a crazy year though, filled with the unexpected. And I have two devotional books I am loving right now … both are new to me this year and neither is a part of my morning quiet time routine. {I’m telling you, I’m all kinds of crazy these days!}

2 devotional books I am loving in 2014 || Teri Lynne Underwood

SOLO: An Uncommon Devotional

The first was a gift from Scott for Christmas.  SOLO: An Uncommon Devotional has definitely become my new favorite. This is an undated, 365-day devotional and I absolutely love it! The readings begin in Genesis and go through all of Scripture during the course of the year to end in Revelation. Using lectio divina {“divine reading”}, SOLO goes deeper than many devotionals with the typical formula of one or two verses, application story, and sentence prayer. The ancient practice of lectio divina invites the reader to interact with God’s Word using four methods:

  1. Read:  Discover the wisdom and depth of Scripture by reading longer sections of Scripture to gain greater context and understanding.
  2. Think: Immerse in the passage through meditation on words or phrases or by contemplating specific characters or settings within the verses.
  3. Pray: Connect with God by exploring different methods of prayer and praise.
  4. Live: Apply the Word to life through reflection, rest, and action.

I especially like this devotional’s approach of a seventh-day rest. This encourages a time of reflection on what has been read and learned throughout the previous week but also provides a concrete means of living in the rhythm of rest I am finding so valuable to my spiritual growth. Another change I have made with this devotional is using it at night. I’ve always been a “quiet time in the morning” kind of girl and while I still spend time first thing connecting with Scripture, I love having an engaging devotional to use at night.

The One Year Book of Amish Peace

My sweet friend Tricia Goyer sent me a copy of her newest devotional, The One Year Book of Amish Peace, after my heart attack. I am loving it! Amish Peace is dated so I just started it in the middle of May and each day has been a whisper of grace and encouragement to my soul. I have noticed I tend to pick this one up in the middle of the afternoon.  You know, that time of day when I start feeling overwhelmed by all the chaos and what is left to be done and how little has been accomplished?? One day this week, I read these words as I contemplated the massive amount of laundry waiting on me:

The thing about most household tasks is that they are so daily. The seem never-ending. They aren’t projects we can mark off our lists and say, “Done.” The same thing is true about seeking God’s strength. We can’t fill up once a month or week; we must turn to Him every day for more.” (157)

This devotional is practical and encouraging. Drawing from the practices and history of the Amish faith, Tricia skillfully blends story and truth to offer the opportunity for “hearing God’s voice in the simple things.” I don’t know about you, but I need that! I need those reminders — daily reminders — of God’s presence, of His plan, and of His great love for me. {And, she might have mentioned me in one of the devotions. Maybe around March 21??}

If you are looking for a devotional for yourself or to give as a gift, both of these books are fabulous! I have provided links to purchase them through Amazon in the “Recommended Resources” widget in my sidebar.

What is your favorite devotional and why do you love it?

{You never know, I may just make a list and share it with everyone!}

Teri Lynne

For a list of all the books I’ve read this year, please check out my 2014 Reading List.  I also have a list of my favorites from 2013 by category you might find helpful.  And, of course, if you’re interested, you can find out more about the books I’ve written … Prayers from the Pews and Parenting from the Overflow.

Just Hold My Hand

just hold my hand and we'll face the world together || Teri Lynne Underwood

just hold my hand and we'll face the world together || Teri Lynne Underwood

Yesterday was Scott’s and my eighteenth wedding anniversary. {And yes, I was a child bride! Ha!}

I can’t begin to wrap words around the depth of love I feel for this man who listened when I told him we were supposed to be together forever.

I’m reading this incredible book, A Praying Life, by Paul Miller.  The book is all about hesed, the steadfast love we see offered by God in Scripture. Miller describes hesed this way:

Sometimes hesed is translated “steadfast love.” It combines commitment with sacrifice. Hesed is one-way love. Love without an exit strategy. When you love with hesed love, you bind yourself to the object of your love, no matter what the response is … Hesed is stubborn love.” {p.24}

Love without an exit strategy.

I’m grateful to be sharing my life with someone who doesn’t have an exit strategy … with a man who meant it when he said, “I do.” There are no exclusions or clauses in our covenant. We aren’t staying together until we fall out of love or until it gets too hard. We are together no matter how we feel or even what we want some days … we are together because we made a promise. The vow wasn’t given lightly …. we held hands on June 1, 1996, and made a covenant with each other and with God.

And since then we’ve held hands through every high and low our journey has brought …

We held hands as we laughed at the unity candle — we had no idea how much joy our life together would bring.

We held hands the day we heard we’d probably never have children of our own — the sense of loss and shattered dreams.

We held hands the day Casiday was born — of hope living and breathing right there with us, a tiny wad of God’s graciousness.

We held hands the day your dad left this world for heaven — and how the years would prove how profound losing his presence would be for us.

We held hands as we moved to Georgia with a six-month-old — wondering if we were crazy.

We held hands many days and nights in the hospital — all the frustration and fear and, yet still, the faithfulness of God through every day.

All those memories and so many more, they all have one thing in common … my hand in his.

The days haven’t all been perfect. Life hasn’t always been easy. But here we are, eighteen years later, and Scott Underwood remains the man of my dreams and the keeper of my heart. I wouldn’t want to walk this road of life with anyone else.

So to my beloved Scott, whatever comes in the days ahead, whatever bumps the road may bring, whatever joys we may share … just hold my hand and we’ll face the world together!!

Just hold my hand … and know you will always hold my heart.

I love you!
Teri Lynne

18th anniversary


When You Don’t Know the Next Step

when you don't know the next step

when you don't know the next step

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been writing as much lately. I’d love to tell you it’s because I’ve been doing all sorts of awesome things but really it’s because I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I’m still adjusting to all this medicine and making decisions about what the next steps are in my post-heart-attack journey.

I do want to share more about this experience and what I’m learning … but honestly, it’s still too fresh. The Lord had already brought me to a place of stillness and quiet before April 27 and now He is gently leading me to the next place He has for me. The thing is, He hasn’t exactly shown me that next place. One step at a time, He is revealing Himself to me and I’d like to hurry up the journey but I know His pace is best.

In the meantime, I’m reminded of some wise words I once heard, “When you don’t know the next step, keep doing the last thing you know the Lord told you to do.”

So …  I’m finishing up my talks for She Speaks {three sessions!} and I’m working on a site redesign and a couple of other big projects I’ll share with you soon. But I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. One of the sweetest gifts I’ve counted during these past few weeks is the wide circle of friends God has given me, both online and off.  You are part of that circle and I am thankful beyond words for the way God has used you in my life.

June will be a busy month for this cheerleader’s mom … we’re headed to cheer camp for a week then straight to a wedding and then a week of youth camp. I’m sure I’ll be brain dead by the time we get home.  But since I’ve been writing less, I’ve been reading more so you can expect to hear about some of the great books I’ve read — fiction and nonfiction — here on the blog in June. And if you want to make sure to keep up with all the chaos in my life, you should definitely be following me on Instagram. {Though there will be a lack of #buddythebasset photos since I won’t be home.}

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few of the images of my life from the past month.

snapshots of life

Thanks for being here, friends! It means so much to me!!


Teri Lynne

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