Learning to Trust God

"You need to understand that this is a life-threatening illness." "I'm sorry but removing the spleen has not brought the result we hoped." "There have been two bleeds on the brain." "Get a room in ICU. STAT!" "We'll know more in the next six hours." "He is on life support. The situation is very serious." Learning to Trust God Those are just a few words from doctors now etched into my heart and mind. In May 2004, my husband Scott was diagnosed with ITP, an auto-immune blood disorder. His ... [Read More]

Fear of the Lord

This morning in my Sunday School class there was some discussion about this idea of fearing the Lord. Everyone seemed to have their own idea about what that means. I've been thinking about this concept some and, of course, did a little research on my own. That word for fear is yir'ah meaning to be afraid, be reverent; reverence, awe, piety; reverence for the Lord. Seems to me that we, as the church collectively, have lost an appropriate reverence for the Lord in many ways. We've become ... [Read More]

Wifey Wednesday … Celebrating my Beloved

Just found this great meme and as I absolutely ADORE my guy, I will take any opportunity I can to celebrate him and our marriage! Yay for Wifey Wednesday and for finding "To Love, Honor, and Vacuum" ~ Happy Day for me!!(The post below is an excerpt from my extremely long anniversary blog for my sweet Scott. Celebrating our 13 years of marriage, I chose 13 verses that reflect the life he lives every day. You can read all the verses and more on my post "13 Years into Happily Ever ... [Read More]

Fourteen Years Ago …

On June 12, 1995, I went an "Eternity" concert with a friend who had a crush on one of the guys who was singing. I had very low expectations of the event and was not particularly interested in going. But, I had no better offer for that night so.... off to the concert I went. The music was okay. The guy my friend wanted to see talked to her and she was excited. During the concert the baritone singer was introducing everyone and mentioned where he was from - Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Probably not ... [Read More]

Moldy Shower Curtain Liners

I love my bathroom! It’s pink and it’s pretty. Some of my favorite pictures of the girl are hanging in there. It’s very “Teri” so to speak. When I go in there to get ready for my day, I smile. In no way is it the “perfect bathroom” … It’s smallish, lacks counter space, and has lovely tan tile circa 1968 (walls, shower, floor … lots of tan tile!). The tub is not a big garden tub with a pretty chandelier hanging above it. The lighting isn’t great. The window is painted shut. But, I love it! ... [Read More]

13 Years into “Happily Ever After”

My Husband ~ For thirteen years I have had the honor of traveling life’s road with Scott Underwood. In that time, we have experienced many things ~ unspeakable joy and unimaginable sorrow as well as opportunities to grow in our faith and to pursue our dreams. We have moved away from our families only to find that family is not only defined by birth and marriage but also by shared experiences and time investments. We have faced death and celebrated life. God’s great mercy and love have ... [Read More]