A Woman of Prayer

“… always keep on praying for the saints.” Ephesians 6:18b (NIV)

 I want to be a woman of prayer. Devoted to communication with my Heavenly Father. One who praises Him and who is continually lifting up a fragrant aroma to His throne.

I want to be a woman of prayer. Faithful to confession. Laying bare my soul before Him … knowing that He will change me as I submit myself to His tender care.

I want to be a woman of prayer. Purposeful in gratitude. Ever recognizing Him as the giver of all good things. Thankful in every situation for His tender care and great mercy.

I want to be a woman of prayer. Interceding on behalf of those who need His great salvation. Laying my heart before Him with the cares and concerns of fellow believers.

I long for this … a heart of worship that is diligent to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). And I find the first three easy to do … it is no struggle for me to adore this wonderful God who gave His only Son for my life. I do not shrink from confession for I know the great peace and freedom that His forgiveness brings. I have made intentional gratitude a daily part of my life, ever mindful of the many ways He has blessed me and those I love.

But that last one … well, honestly, sometimes intercession is hard for me. I’m not sure what to pray … and I feel inadequate to come before the Lord with the needs of another when my own heart is all-too-aware of it’s great neediness. And yet, my soul does cry out with a longing to lift up those around me, to cry out for mercy and wisdom and grace in their lives.

Last week, during our revival meetings, the preacher shared five things we should be praying for fellow believers as we intercede. He offered us the challenge to pick five people and pray these five things for them for 30 days.

Maybe you are like me and just not always certain about how to pray … I hope this helps you.

  1. Pray that they will know the will of God for their lives.
  2. Pray that they will live in obedience to God.
  3. Pray that they will bear the fruit of God.
  4. Pray that they will have intimate fellowship with God.
  5. Pray that they experience power from God.
(These are from Brett Pitman’s sermon, “The Five Most Powerful Words Known to Man”
preached at Blythe Island Baptist Church, on October 6, 2009.)

I have committed to praying these five things for five people …I started with those in my home. I am praying daily that my family will KNOW the WILL of God and LIVE in OBEDIENCE to Him. I pray they will BEAR FRUIT and be INTIMATE with the Lord. And I pray that they will experience the POWER of God in their lives.

Interceding for others is a precious gift … it’s more than saying, “I’ll pray for you.” Intercession is entering the throne room of God on another’s behalf, it’s holding up weary arms, standing in the gap for those who can no longer stand. It is a gift … a privilege … an honor.

Will you join me in praying these five things for five people in your life? Start with those in your home. I look forward to hearing the things God will do in response to our faithful prayers.


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