The Truth about Grace

Grace is such a mystery …

that precious gift of something we cannot earn and don’t deserve.

Given freely by a perfect and holy God …

free but not cheap.

A high price was paid for the grace I’ve been given …

the highest possible price.

Sometimes, though, people don’t understand grace.

THEY think it’s about actions and behaviors.
THEY think it can be earned … and lost.
THEY forget their own need.

But me … well, I have my story and only I can tell it.

My story is about the hurt THEY caused …
but really it’s not.

My story isn’t about what THEY said.
My story isn’t about what I did.

My story really isn’t even about me.

It’s HIS story …

and because HE loves and gives grace …
I am a part of that beautiful story of GRACE.

HIS grace … amazing, marvelous, matchless GRACE.

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