Construction Zone: Smallness

Under Construction
September 23, 2006

My child, listen and be wise.  Keep your heart on the right course.  Proverbs 23:19

Lord, I am humbled by the reality of how very big You are and how very small I am.  Forgive me for not listening … for following my own course … for being disobedient.  I need You, Lord, desperately.


This is  my desire … to keep my heart on the right course.  And I know that can only happen by spending time every. single. day. in prayer and seeking Him in His Word.

Sometimes a song says so well the cry of my heart.

“I need you more … more than yesterday … I need you more … more than words can say … I need you more … than ever before … I need you, Lord … I need you, Lord.”

Listen and declare your need for Him, for more and more of Him.

Living in the construction zone,

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