Construction Zone: Worshiper’s Heart

Under Construction
August 24, 2009

{I didn’t have any notes about reading Proverbs this morning … because some days I don’t.  But here is what I wrote …}

S and C are cuddled up together in his chair, sleeping.  It’s 6:11 am and the only sounds in the house are the soft snores of my husband and daughter, the gentle hum of the ceiling fan, and that comforting drip of my coffee maker.  I’m curled up in my favorite corner of the couch with my Bible, this journal, and my Bible study book. My only thought is this – God is so good!

Lord, You amaze me – Your protection and provision, Your mercy and grace, Your love and Your comfort, Your joy and Your peace – my life is rich and full – and I praise You!  Forgive me for the many times I live without a grateful heart … change my eyes, O Lord, to see what You see – beauty and blessing.  Give me a heart like Yours – to comfort others in sorrow, to share in another’s joy without envy, to love deeply.

Father, my Adonai, You are the one true God!  Jehovah Nissi – my banner who goes before me.  Jehovah Jireh – my Provider who knows my needs and cares for me.  Jehovah Rohi – my sweet Shepherd who gently guides and corrects me.  Jehovah Rophe – my Healer of broken body, broken heart and broken spirit.

Oh God, You are MY God, and I will earnestly seek You … I will praise You, my Rock, my Stronghold, my King!  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


Won’t you take time today to worship the Lord?

Living in the construction zone,

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