Experience the Collision!

Encouraging lives where the sacred and secular collide.

That’s my desire for this place … As beautiful as Erin has made it, if all that happens here is looking at lovely design elements, I think she would agree, we’ve failed.

The grand point is not to wear the garb, nor use the brogue of religion, but to possess the life of God within, and feel and think as Jesus would have done because of that inner life.  Small is the value of external religion unless it is the outcome of a life within.  ~ Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon’s words illustrate perfectly the heart behind everything that will happen in this space … that all that is  seen will be a continuation of all that is unseen. This is not a place for lists of do’s and don’ts or heaping guilt or condemnation.  Rather, my intent is to encourage you … to “spur you on,” to spur US on, to those attitudes and actions, words and thoughts, that bring glory to God.

And so we’ll work together to experience the collision! Paying careful attention to develop those spiritual habits and disciplines that grow in us a sacred connection with the Lord, posts on topics such as Scripture memorization, prayer, and daily time in the Word will be a key part of this pursuit.

Likewise, we’re busy women … with homes to clean, schedules to manage, and children to raise.  Many have jobs and ministries and most of us are active in our local faith families.  We all live in this secular world and need wisdom to manage each of the tasks of the day.

Thus, we find the collision!  As we explore the disciple’s life we’ll also discuss how this looks practically in daily life … How the sacred and secular collide! From simple ideas such as praying for the missionaries and believers in the country where your shirt is made each day to more in-depth contemplations of submission – where we discover that broken down to simplest terms, submission begins by simply being polite.   For more of my thoughts on this sacred-secular collision, please feel download my *free* ebook, Finding Jesus in my Messy House.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord, not for men.  ~ Colossians 3:23

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Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few special features you will find almost every week.

Thank you for spending a few moments of your precious time with me today!

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