Contentment in Chaos

It’s Nutcracker week … and we just finished our first White Christmas festival over the weekend at our church.  Suffice it to say, last week was crazy and this week looks to be equally exciting and exhausting.

So, how do we manage to remain content and calm even in the midst of the insane schedules that accompany these wonderful events and opportunities?

Keep counting … hugs from children, laughter of friends, warm cocoa on a cold day … and in the counting find peace in the chaos.

Numbering the blessings and entrusting the worries to the great Peace-Giver (Philippians 4:6-7):

{#58 -73}

  • Heart-to-heart conversations with my best friend, my husband
  • Singing with friends
  • Promises fulfilled
  • Hugs from my favorite three-year-old
  • Sunday naps
  • Early morning stillness
  • Pancakes at IHOP
  • Made-up songs by my silly girl
  • Advent readings
  • Clean house
  • Empty laundry baskets
  • Opportunities to encourage
  • Warm blankets on cold mornings
  • True family in the Body of Christ
  • Laughing through the long hours of preparation
  • Christmas trees representing ministry

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