She’s Doing Great!

Thank you so much for all your prayers yesterday and the past weeks.  Greer’s surgery went very well and she is already off the vent this morning!!

Please keep praying … I’m posting her mom’s Facebook note from last night below.

So…the baby girl is out of surgery and all plugged up.  How crazy is that?  Many of you may think that the device they put in is just like a pacemaker and helps the heart pump…that is what we thought at first, but we have become somewhat educated pretty quick.  They have told us by the time we leave here that we will be experts on the VAD.  Basically she has a wire that comes from her torso and plugs up to a battery pack that she will carry around with her…kind of like a purse.  We are already talking about getting a stylish Vera Bradley pack made.  The battery weighs 2.5 lbs and last 8-12 hours.  She can also be “plugged in” while at home.  Once again….crazy!  I thank the Lord that He gave someone the mind to even begin to develop this device. There are 2 things that could happen with this device…her heart could get better on its own or this would be a temporary device until a heart is found.  We are already beginning to pray for that perfect heart in case that is our option and also pray for the family that will have to make a sacrifice in order for Greer to get her new heart.

I haven’t mentioned it, but Greer also spoke to us today.  She said mama, daddy, Bauer and OK.  It was a whisper, but it was her sweet little voice.  Such a blessing to us before she went back for her surgery.  They have told us she would get medication so she will sleep well overnight and then may even be off the vent by tomorrow.

So even though our baby girl just went through a major surgery, has a scar on her chest, has drain tubes everywhere and is “plugged up” to keep her heart beating…..I am so thankful!  I have such a peace…a peace that honestly can’t be explained that really does pass all understanding.  We have such a long way to go on this journey, but can’t wait to see what impact it will have on eternity.  Continue to pray.  We love you all very much.

Thank you and please keep praying.   You can follow Greer’s story on facebook by liking her page … Praying for Sweet Greer.

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  1. The news after surgery is AWESOME! Our prayers continue for Greer and all of you.
    God is Good!!!! Peace that surpasses all understanding is granted by our Lord and Savior.
    Our family loves the verse Is. 41:10 when we are going through the valleys in our lives.
    Keep all of us updated. The whole community and surrounding areas are praying for Greer.

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