Top Ten Bible Studies {2011 Recommendations}

Often I am asked to recommend a Bible study for an individual or a small group.    I always wish I had a list to refer them to as I can never think of my favorites of the top of my head.  {My brain always seems to go into “sleep” mode when I need to be able to give an answer on the spot, am I alone?}

So, today, I’m sharing my favorites of all the Bible studies I’ve ever done – some I’ve been the leader and some a participant.   Maybe you’ll find something you’re interested in doing!

Top Ten Bible Studies 2011

1. Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God Without a doubt, this study was the most transformational of my life!  I believe everyone could benefit from “Experiencing God.”

2. A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place  The only Beth Moore study on my list.  This in-depth examination of the Tabernacle is absolutely awesome!  I’ve done both the original study as well as the revised one and the original is much better.

3. Unshakeable Faith: 8 Traits for RockSolid Living Written by my friend and fellow Do Not Depart writer, Kathy Howard, I cannot recommend this study highly enough.  {I’ve previously shared my favorite quotes from this study.}

4. Java with the Judges (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)  I *love* the Coffee Cup series for both individual and group study.  I’ve done them both ways and found every one to be insightful and challenging.  This was the first one I did and it remains my favorite.  I understood the Book of Judges in a whole new way after doing this study.

5. A Woman’s High Calling: 10 Ways to Live Out God’s Plan for Your Life  I’ve used this book with several mentor groups and found it an excellent tool for digging into Titus 2:3-5 and helping women learn to apply the heart principles of this passage into the heart of their homes and lives.

6. A Woman God Can Use: Lessons from Old Testament Women Help You Make Today’s Choices   The first Bible study I ever led!  This remains one I re-read and refer to frequently.   While it has been updated, my original copy is marked up and dog-earred and taped together.

7. Growing in Wisdom And Faith: James   A Bible study by Elizabeth George {who is one of my favorite authors!}, this examination of James is excellent!  Perfect for a group or individual.

8. Premium Roast with Ruth (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)   Love this study of Ruth.   Another of the Coffee Cup series, it is a great study of a familiar book that offers fresh insight and new applications.

9. God’s Truth Revealed: Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith   Another Kathy Howard study … this one is fabulous as well.  In fact, the Sunday School class I began at our previous church is going through it now and they LOVE it!

10. A Call to Die: A 40 Day Journey of Fasting from the World & Feasting on God   David Nassar is the author of this study.  If you’ve never heard Nassar speak, wow!  YouTube him.  He’s a dynamic, passionate lover of the Lord and his testimony is amazing.   This book is geared toward youth and we did the study with our youth about 11 years ago but it is another one of those books I pick up regularly and I’ve done the study on my own three times in the past ten years.

So, there you have it … my favorite Bible studies!

What about you?  What’s your favorite Bible study?  

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    • A Woman’s Heart is an excellent study of the tabernacle. If you can get a copy of the original edition of the workbook, I’d highly recommend that one over the new one.
      Teri Lynne Underwood recently posted…Monday Morning GoodnessMy Profile

  1. A Women’s Heart is one of my all time favorite studies. I’ve done the original one Beth Moore wrote as well as the updated version. It is amazing how both the studies brought out different information. The revised version wasn’t the same as the original, which really amazed me. I’m excited to get my hands on some of the others you have listed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this list! It’s great! I’ve been looking for Small group Bible study ideas and these are definitely going to be considered. So glad I stopped by!


  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I’ve never heard David Nassar, so I’ll be sure to check him out! And you have me intriqued about the Beth Moore study. I only have the original A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place ~ guess that’s ok! 🙂 What a fun idea…maybe I’ll come up with a list too sometime. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Cindy, Nassar is typically more a youth speaker but he is just awesome. And the re-release of the Beth Moore study was less “meaty,” in my opinion. Plus the videos were different and she left out some of the better information I thought. 🙂

  4. I have already done ‘A Woman’s Heart’ and it was awesome. It was my first Beth Moore study and it was the revised version, and hopefully I will do my second this fall ‘David’.. I am now working through ‘Experiencing God’ and I love it also. I am certainly going to check out the other ones you mentioned. I haven’t done a Kathy Howard study yet but I do like her blog…
    Thank you for the resources.


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