My Top Blog Posts of 2013

It was a little bit of crazy around here in 2013 … I wrote less than I have since I started seriously blogging in 2009. But I did a lot more consulting and coaching and I absolutely love that! It’s so much fun to help writers and small businesses develop strategies for social media and learn to use all the amazing tools we have online.

And, we have a teenager in the house. Lordy, does that change everything!! I can’t believe my girl is nearly 14. But what a joy to watch her grow into an incredible young lady. She is funny and beautiful and one of the most caring people I know. We had a rough patch this summer but somehow we both survived. {Thanks to loving encouragement from Julie and Kate!!}

Scott and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. I can’t begin to say what an honor it is to be Mrs. Scott Underwood. Perhaps the greatest compliment we’ve ever received were these words from our daughter a few weeks ago, “All I really want is to have what you and Daddy have.” {Yeah, I cried.}

top blog posts of 2013 ||

I was trying to decide how to share the top blog posts from 2013 and I finally decided to use a few different lists.  The first list is the most viewed posts.  Oddly enough, not one from this list was actually written in 2013.  The second list is the most viewed posts I wrote in 2013. But the final list just might be my favorite … it’s the posts you probably didn’t read. None of these had great page views, but when I re-read them, I realized they were some of my favorites.  So, I decided the share the posts you may have missed.

Thank you for sticking with me, for making 2013 what is was … rich and full of lessons, online and off.  I pray 2014 brings you closer to the Lord!

Teri Lynne

Most Viewed:

  1. Top Ten Bible Studies {2011 Recommendations}
  2. 10 Tips for a Great Quiet Time
  3. Are You a Nagging Wife?
  4. 10 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know
  5. 10 Truths When Life Is Hard
  6. 10 Easy Homemade Gifts
  7. Devotions, Quiet Times, Personal Bible Study. Is It Really Necessary?
  8. 20 Great Stocking Stuffers under $25 for Women
  9. An Ode to Friendship {five minute friday}
  10. 10 Ways to Speak Well of Your Husband

Most Popular Posts Written in 2013:

  1. 31 Days of Living Well {an introduction}
  2. 2013 Reading List
  3. 10 Gifts for Teenage Boys {under $25}
  4. Parenting Teens & Thriving — an (in)couragers group
  5. Meet the Pastors’ Wives
  6. What I Learned in July
  7. Dear Weary Mom, You Are Chosen!
  8. 10 Great Books for Moms
  9. Dear Weary Mom, Dig In!
  10. 3 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

My Favorite Posts You Might Have Missed:

  1. 11:44 pm on January 15, 2013 {the beautiful ordinary}
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  3. Embrace {a little} Chaos
  4. For the Dads
  5. Content in Ourselves
  6. 9:02 pm on April 2, 2013 {the beautiful ordinary}
  7. View {five minute friday}
  8. Are You Too Busy?
  9. Thoughts on Sin and Grace
  10. Dear Fear, You Lose. {a God-sized dreams post}





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