Some Christmas Thoughts {from my Bigmama}

Grandparents, Family, Encouragementwith my grandparents at our house this fall

My Bigmama reads my blog!  She gets it in her email and pretty often she sends me a response that is encouraging and supportive.  It’s a real gift to have your grandmother let you know how proud she is of you and offer her insights into what you are wriring!

After she read the {Mary}Christmas post on Wednesday, she sent me this:

Have  you ever thought “How did Mary’s mother feel?”
What were her fears, her reality, her wonder, her relationship with
God, her relationship with Mary”?
Can  you imagine her sleepless nights……
           her heart ache….even tho’ she may have known that her child, this
Mary was “chosen” thru some intuition….some relevation from the Father
God…[we don’t know].
What about her midnight, whispered prayers with Mary’s Daddy?
Was he irate?   Did  he have a revelation?  Was he scared?   Did her father
really even like Joseph?
Did they hold each other in the night and shed fearful tears for their girl?
Were they aware of the Visitation of the Angel….?
Did every thread of their being say….protect our Girl?
Did they pray every waking minute….
Remember they did not have our Jesus!
This is all not important in the long run…but I have wondered.
Probably my “mama’s”  heart…wondering?????
I had never once thought about how Mary’s parents must have felt, have you?  This weekend, maybe you could pull yourself away from the chaos and crazy of this holiday season and spend some time wondering.
Thanks for joining me as I’m contemmplating  a {Mary} Christmas. If you’d like, grab a button from the sidebar and place it on your website. We’ll use the hashtag #MaryChristmas to encourage one another. One last thing, if this post was encouraging to you, will you take a minute to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter? Thank you so much for joining me. I am praying you will
Mary Christmas

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  1. Wow, I’ve never thought about Mary’s parents either. And my daughter turns 14 this month (roughly the age most believe Mary was). What a struggle it is as parents who know and love Christ to release our hopes/thoughts/opinions of our children’s futures to whatever God desires. As your Bigmama pointed out, Mary’s parents didn’t have Jesus. What a thought. Our best prayer for our kids is that they find a personal relationship with Christ that is real and growing. If they have that, so be the rest.

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