10 Ways to Speak Well of Your Husband

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I love this guy!  And I’m so thankful he loves me back.  To be the only beautiful one in his life is an honor I never intend to take lightly. But, if I’m honest, sometimes I do take what we have lightly.  I neglect the relationship here on earth that matters most.  I pour myself out for others and he gets the remnants.   I nag, complain, and whine … and I sap his strength {See Proverbs 12:4 NLT}.

But this post isn’t for my confessions, it’s to offer all 10 simple ways to speak well of your husband … and hopefully change some of our mindsets and habits in this area.

10 ways to speak well of your husband

1.  Speak well of him in your prayers.   Rather than asking God to change him, spend some time asking God to show you how to pray for this man in your life.

2.  Speak well of him to yourself.  Remind yourself of those things you love about your husba.

3.  Speak well of him to your children.

4.  Speak well of him to your mother.  I know the temptation to “vent” to your mom when he drives you crazy.  Resist!!  You’ll move past it … she might not.  {This applies to everyone in your family as well.}

5.  Speak well of him to his family.   No matter how close you are to your in-laws, it’s never a good idea to vocalize those personal frustrations you have about your husband to them.

6.  Speak well of him to your friends.  Don’t join in the “husband bashing.”   It’s a dangerous path!

7.  Speak well of him to other women.  You have a great opportunity to model being a supportive wife for those who are watching you.  {Use discernment about what you share and with whom.}

8. Speak well of him to his coworkers (and their wives).  Be cautious about sharing personal details in general with your husband’s coworkers but never speak disparagingly about him to those with whom he works.

9.  Speak well of him whenever the opportunity presents itself!  But may I suggest that you be wise in what and where you share.  It’s easy to use a Facebook status to express your fondness but make sure your motivation is truly to bless him and not to draw attention to yourself.  After all, if he is a private person, he may not appreciate the public attention.

Which brings me to a final suggestion:

10.  Speak well of him to him.   Take time to communicate with your husband your appreciation for who he is and what he does.

How do you speak well of your husband?

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  1. oh I love this – and gals online need to read this. I’m so over women on twitter bashing their husbands. ALWAYS speak good of them – period !!

    hugs girl – keep speaking truth friend.

  2. Wonderful post Teri Lynne. It is amazing how our words can lift up and encourage our husbands through good times and bad. Using good and kind words is ALWAYS the right thing to do. Especially, as you say, in the dearest relationship this side of heaven.

  3. Good post, after 38 years of marriage I am continually amazed how wonderful my man is, he loves me when I am unlovable, he is encouraging and he loves God. He is a great father to his grown children and advises when they ask and prays when they don’t.
    God put us together ‘for richer, poorer, better or worse’ till we are no longer together. It is all about comittment.

  4. Thanks for sharing that info. This is very useful for women like me who always misunderstood their husband. I always get annoyed with my husband whenever he ignores me when I’m speaking. I don’t know what’s up with him. At least now I could try these ways to catch his attention. Perfect post!
    Alison Day recently posted…Director of Customer CareMy Profile

  5. …Pretty much speak well of him in everything and to everyone we can think about. What I’ve learned is that the more I speak well of people, the more I love and cherish them, and the more they feel loved and cherished.

    Thank you so much for this reminder.

  6. This site is awesome and so informative. This is my second marriage, and I am trying so hard not to make the same mistakes from my first marriage. We have only been married a year in a half now, and still have a lot to learn as well as unlearn all our bad habits from the past, from previous marriages. So I look forward to reading the blogs as well as this site. Thank you

  7. I like the post about speaking well of your husband. That is a great reminder. My husband always speaks well of me, in respect for him I always do the same with him. I adore my husband, he is an awesome and loving person. We truly show and express our love for each other on a daily basis.

  8. I can say that what a great information you shared with us to increase our mutual love as a couple. I am engaged with my husband since 10 years but never utilized most of the lovely speaking ways you shared in this post. The valentine day is coming and I would follow this post to do something extraordinary.
    I can surely use your provided ways to make my life more pleasant with my husband. Thanks
    Becky Hote recently posted…Unique Happy New Year 2019 Wishes and Greetings – Send nowMy Profile


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