The Husband’s Favorites: Day 5 {On Prayer Rocks}

{Another really old post.  But one that is definitely worth revisiting.   I hope you have enjoyed this week.  I think adding Scott’s favorites here and there might become a regular feature around here.  It’s been nice to have his perspective.}

One of my favorite things is creativity and practicality. That is why I first loved this idea and it was very special to me how our daughter latched on to it and picked this up. Thanks for encouraging her in it and the encouragement you give to so many on a regular basis. You are a beautiful and wonderful wife, far more than I deserve. May God continue to bless your ministry.
I love you,
P.S. I know many of you expected I would pick a certain post from a few weeks ago. Let me just say I have nothing to complain about.

Several months ago I mentioned that we use prayer rocks in our home as visible reminders to pray for others and as a prayer time guide.  The topic seemed to interest others greatly so FINALLY I’m sharing how prayer rocks work for us.

The concept is simple … using rocks with words on them to guide or enhance our prayers. All three of us use the concept differently.  Scott ordered a set several years ago and keeps them on his desk.  As he has his devotional time in the morning, he uses the rocks to pray for me, the girl, our church, our families, etc. {I don’t have a picture, sorry! I forgot to take one when we were at the church yesterday!}

I don’t have a “set” per se … rather, we have many “rocks” throughout our home and I use them throughout the day as I am in each room. {Mine are not even all rocks!} Here are few examples …

The girl made her own set … they are my favorite.  She gathered rocks from our driveway (so really, it’s sorta just gravel but don’t tell her!) and wrote on each one.  {She is fascinated with the set on her Daddy’s desk at the church and finally just made her own.}   I am not sure how much she uses them  … but just the fact that she made them is precious to me.  I love these …

This year for Christmas, she made two sets of prayer rocks to give as gifts.  One was for her great-aunt Norma and the other was for her great-grandmother …. both of these women are amazing prayer warriors and have been tremendously influential in my spiritual life and in hers as well.

We bought rocks, a candlescaping plate, and candles.  Then made a list of what to write on each rock.  She made a list unique to each person but included church, pastors, wisdom, health, etc. in both sets.

We arranged the rocks and candle on the plate and included a few blank rocks so they could add other prayer needs to them if they wished.  Two of my favorite moments this Christmas were when our girl was explaining to each person what the gift was and how to use it.

I think this is a great concept for families to use.  And these make a wonderful gift for grandparents as well. So, prayer rocks are a spiritual tool that definitely works for me (and my family!).

How do you use visible reminders for prayer or discipleship in your home?  And, how have you seen your children imitate your own spiritual practices for themselves?


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