10 Ideas for Finding Time and Motivation to Finish #B90Days

I may have mentioned that I’m co-leading a Bible in 90 (99!) Days group this summer.  I also may have mentioned there are over 200 women signed up to join me.  And I may also have shared that I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Stacey and Ruth to pursue this One Amazing Summer goal.   When we first started discussing this, it was just the three of us and then we realized we couldn’t NOT invite others to join.  To say that we were amazed at how many wanted to join us would be an understatement!  Last week I share ten reasons I wanted others to join me.  This week, as we are counting down the days until we start  (T-6 to be exact),  I wanted to address some of the concerns and fears people might have about joining us.

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1.  Split the reading into two or three sections each day.   I am working on a plan that divides each day’s reading into three sections.  Each will take between 10 and 15 minutes.   For many of us, finding those smaller chunks of time throughout the day will be easier than doing the 45 minutes of reading all at once.

2.  Do this instead of any other Bible study or devotional reading you normally do.  The first time I did this reading plan, I tried to add it to the other study and reading I normally do … it was a disaster!  It’s okay to set aside Jesus Calling or My Utmost for His Highest for the summer and simply read God’s Word.  I promise!

3.   Don’t try to study as you go!  This is another thing that tripped me up.  It was taking me three hours to do the reading and I was so frustrated.  I finally realized that God’s Word speaks whether I’m taking notes or not.  Lay down the pen and journal and just allow yourself to lean into Scripture.

4.   Know it’s going to get hard.  I cannot lie about this … there are sections that are hard to read.  For me it wasn’t Leviticus it was Psalms.  I felt like Psalms was never going to end and that David was the biggest whiner in the world.   On the days it’s hard, don’t feel bad because you want to give up.  Remember, being a disciple requires discipline and that’s just never our favorite thing.  {And about Leviticus, can I just say I find that book so fascinating.  Read it and consider how much work the Law was … and celebrate the beauty of grace!!}

5.  Somedays it will be something you check off the list.  Again, may I offer you some grace here?  That is o.k.   Some days fixing dinner for our family is just something we check off the list.  Don’t beat yourself up because somewhere in Numbers you stopped caring who the leaders of the tribes were and how many people were in each family.  {Though there was a great suggestion in our Facebook group about looking up the names of the people listed and learning what those names mean.  Another thought I’d share is that each of those names is a person … and God knew each of them, just as He knows us and knows our names.}

6.  Your mind will wander.   It’s going to happen … if not before, it will almost certainly happen somewhere in the minor prophets.  This is an opportunity for your to put into practice taking your thoughts captive and disciplining yourself.  

7.  At some point past the half-way marker, you’re probably going to feel pretty proud of yourself for how well you are doing.  Just remember that it’s okay to celebrate your accomplishments but strive hard to keep yourself from feeling prideful for doing this.  Remember, it is only God at work in us that gives us the ability and desire to grow in our relationship with Him.  

8.  I encourage you to enlist your family in helping you make this a priority.  Their support and encouragement will mean the world to you.  Share with your kids what you are reading and read portions of Scripture with them.  For those who are doing this with your husbands – enjoy the conversation.  Give them permission to ask you if you’ve read … and ask them to give you some time to get it done each day.

9.  Check in with the group!  If you blog, be sure to link up a quick post each Monday here at TeriLynneU.com to share what you are learning and how you are progressing.  If you don’t blog, leave  comment so we know you’re still going strong.  Use the Facebook group to help you when you feel discouraged.

10.  Don’t give up!!  Probably almost all of us will get behind at some point.  The good news is – there are 11 grace days built in!  You could not read for a week and still finish before Labor Day.   When you get behind, start where the current reading is and then add in what you have missed as you have time.

It’s going to be a great experience for all of us.  I promise.   After I did the #B90Days challenge a couple of years ago, I shared about my experience with some senior adults at my church.  One of the ladies was very interested and started reading her Bible.  She carried it with her every day and read whenever she had a few minutes – waiting in the doctor’s office, while others in her home were watching television, as she sat stopped by the train.   When she got to the final chapter of Revelation she said she read the whole thing aloud and wept through it.

This can be a life-changing experience for you!  We know God’s Word NEVER comes back void.  You can do this … and we will do it together by the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ!!


What is your biggest concern about starting or joining this Bible in 90 Days challenge?

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  1. I haven’t read the Bible all the way through since college and then it wasn’t in 90 days it was in two semesters as I took Old and New Testament. Definitely a challenge. I appreciate the tips.
    Alyssa recently posted…Let’s Try This AgainMy Profile

  2. You were the one girl who said “How can we not invite others?” That will always bless my soul! I love your heart girl. Love that we get to journey together!
    Stacey recently posted…What She Said…My Profile

  3. Well, maybe for me the third time will be the charm. I have started twice before and gotten sick both times. However…because I started, several others did too, and they finished. In fact, in Mother’s case, she finished and did it again with Daddy, reading out loud to him. She also talked about it at chuch and they got the materials and 30 people in her church read the Bible in 90 days. So even though I haven’t finished…many others have because I started.

  4. Thanks for all your encouragement here to read the Bible through in 90 days! I am planning to adapt this plan, and join in – am up to Numbers in my “reading-through-the-Bible”, and plan to jump into this plan, hopefully finishing by Labor Day. Just wrote a post about it, directing readers here to your blog for info. (Came here through Stacey’s blog – have enjoyed my visits!)

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