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dance recital

my girl is in the middle

Whew … this weekend was a blur of family, dance, church, and a migraine to end it all.  (The last part was not my favorite, to say the least.)

Anyway, no new post today but a quick reminder about One Amazing Summer.   We’ll be kicking off our Bible in 90 (ahem 99) Days reading next Monday, Memorial Day.   We’ve had over 200 women sign up to join us in our Facebook group and many have left linked up or left a comment indicating their desire to join on this #B90Days information post I wrote last week.

If you are still on the fence about joining us, I understand.  Really.  It is a big commitment … but here are ten compelling reasons you should consider doing this challenge.    Tomorrow I’ll share some suggestions for accomplishing this goal {read: finding time in the middle of summer madness to read the whole Bible}.

So, how ’bout it?  Interested in joining us?  Stacey, Ruth, and I would love to be your cheerleaders this summer!!

What do you think would be the greatest challenge to reading the Bible in 90 days?

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


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