Dear Fear, You Lose. {a God-sized dreams post}

Dear Fear, You Lose.

Dear Chihuahua of Fear, I have some things I’d like to say to you.  I say them because your yippy little voice echoes through my heart and my head.  Your annoying yapping has caused me to let go of my hopes and dreams more times than I care to admit.  So today, I’m calling you out.  And here is what I’m saying:

You don’t win!  In fact, you don’t even get to play the game.

Perfect love casts out fear.  {1 John 4:18}

And so, while my love isn’t perfect.  I know the One whose love is.

He says this to me,

I have called you by name.  You. Are. Mine. {Isaiah 43:1}

That’s right, you little loud-mouthed enemy, nip at my heels all you want but I’m not yours!

I am His.

He said it.  He meant it.

And I stand firm in it.

You ankle-biting pest … go home!  I’m sure there are hearts and heads that welcome you and your insidious ways.

But not here.

Not this heart.

Not this head.

Not these dreams.

That’s right, I’m saying it loud and proud—

Fear, you lose!

Take that!

Teri Lynne

How has fear kept you from pursuing your dreams?

{Linking with Holley and all the other God-sized dreamers this week … we’re kicking fear to the curb!  Join us?}

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10 Replies to “Dear Fear, You Lose. {a God-sized dreams post}”

  1. “You don’t win! In fact, you don’t even get to play the game.” Love this…I let fear have a place way too often. Thank you for sharing…have a wonderful day! 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Love connecting with fellow dreamers!

  2. I want this post on a t -shirt.

    So good!


    1. You crack me up!! And I miss you. Ever so much.
      Love you bunches!

  3. thank you, Teri Lynne. God bless you on this journey.

  4. I just love this message…it showed up just when I needed it living my God sized dream.

  5. Teri: Fear has kept me from fully pursuing my dreams (I pursued a “shadow” career since i chose my college major) most of my life! But, for once, I’m showing that yippy dog the door!

    1. Oh Elizabeth … I’m so glad you stopped by here!! And, I’m super glad you are showing the yippy dog the door.

  6. I LOVE this post! You made me laugh and cry! I hear that yipping dog more often than I wish, but I have learned, and am learning constantly that God’s perfect love casts out fear. FEAR stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. Joshua’s story is one of my favorites, because God keeps telling him to be strong and courageous and not be afraid. I have claimed that for myself through the years along with Philippians 4:13. I need this reminder often. thanks!

    1. Thank you, Mary! Your kind comment was an affirmation in more ways than I could possibly say! God used your exact words to confirm a question in my heart. THANK YOU!!

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