We Must Act: 5 Ways to Fight Slavery

Slavery. This is a topic that matters to me.  It’s the reason I share about FreeSet and National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  And it’s the reason I am a blogger with The Exodus Road.

27 million people enslaved.

More than at any other time in human history.

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The vast majority of my life I have lived in four states:  Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia.  The combined population of these states is 24.5 million.

There are more people enslaved today around the world than the total populations of the four states I’ve lived in most of my life.

This is not something I can ignore.  And it’s not something you can ignore either.

Around here I like to share ways we can act, specific things we can do to make a difference.  From using bags made by women rescued from trafficking in India to investing in our local communities, I firmly believe what we do matters.  It matters a lot.

Today I’d like to share with you five ways to fight slavery.  Because we can, we must, do something.  It’s no longer enough to be aware of the plight of millions … we must act!   

1. Educate Yourself. Take some time to research the issue of modern day slavery. Check out the slavery map on FreetheSlaves.net. It’s a great resources. You may also want to visit CNN’s Freedom Project for resources and current news stories.

2. Write your Congressman. International Justice Mission does a fantastic job lobbying governments to make changes that support freedom. Stop by their site and sign their latest petition. You can visit them by clicking HERE.

3. Buy Fair Trade. Since the majority of slavery involves labor, make an effort (and spend the money) to purchase fair trade items as much as possible. This is a practical way you advocate for the oppressed as a consumer. Consider checking out places likeTenThousandVillages.com or Yobel Market to shop for gifts, and take a few minutes to see what your Slavery Footprint is.

4. Socially Share. Commit that every time you see something about slavery or justice, you’ll take the time to share it with your online circle of influence. When you consistently share, you become an advocate for positive social change. Like anti-trafficking organizations on facebook and follow them on twitter– this will help abolition efforts to remain at the forefront of your attention, too. This is a simple, practical, and free way you can actively become an abolitionist.

5. Donate to Freedom Efforts. Find a specific organization that fights trafficking and do research on their efforts, their financials, their methods. When you feel good about their work, start by choosing a specific project that connects with you, like financially supporting prevention efforts in the United States with Love146 or helping a national undercover investigator with The Exodus Road buy a covert camera.

For more information about the way The Exodus Road is making a profound difference in southeast Asia, visit their website.

What is something you have learned recently about slavery and human trafficking?

image source: canstockphoto.com

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  1. I shared this on FB and support the work of American Baptist Women in this area. We have an international consultant that has spoken at the UN conference and hosts gatherings for others around the world at her home in the Netherlands. I also support NightLights which is based in Bankok Thailand.


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