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Every Friday this amazing group of writers join together to write—unedited, fearless, and brave—for five minutes.  Our favorite (in)courager Lisa-Jo Baker, the Gypsy Mama herself, offers us a prompt and we write.

This week’s prompt:  VIEW.


My view is changing so quickly.  I used to look around and see Fisher Price toys with all their bright colors and lights and sounds.  Just when all the batteries finally died and I thought silence would be found in our house, the next view appeared.  This one was not quite as bright but just as loud.  A little girl all dressed up in Tinkerbell costumes and beaded bracelets, toting baby dolls and Beanie Babies.  That view was sweet and I loved the way she looked running after sandpipers on the beach and laughing as she watched “Little Bear.”

But views keep changing and the next thing I knew, my view was of backpacks and spelling lists and chapter books.   Sleepovers and birthday parties at the bowling alley, field days and ballet classes … all within my line of vision.

Just as I got comfy with that view, the scenery changed again.  Each day’s outfit carefully chosen and perfectly accessorized before we left for middle school.  First dances, first boyfriends, first cell phone … so many firsts.  And I thought that view had long since ended … but all things circle around again.  And now I look ahead to the view of my girl cheerleading and continuing to dance and the second year of Show Choir performances and productions.

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The view is good.  {even though it makes my heart hurt a little bit to think the next big view will be high school, driver’s license, and college plans.}


Okay, so that was fun … I mean it will be when I stop crying!  I’m calling it end-of-7th-grade-hormones.  Anywho, go head over to Lisa-Jo’s place and read a bunch more of these Five Minute Friday posts … you’ll be glad you did!  I promise.


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  1. Hey Teri … you’re bringing back the memories tonight … keep on savoring them, my friend … the years go past so quickly and soon all will be still and quiet!

  2. The next view will be just as glorious in all its little things. 🙂 It’s scary – for you AND for her! But 8th grade was my favorite and high school is fun. And college is just the best, but don’t worry mama…you’ve got some time left.

  3. The view changes so fast, doesn’t it? My girl will be three next month, and though I know there are so many years ahead of us, I also know they will fly. The best thing we can do is enjoy the view and each blessing that comes along with it! Wonderful post, friend…blessings to you!

  4. Oh man! Now I am tearing up. My youngest girl is about ready to finish her 7th grade studies as well. And my oldest girl was married last summer. And my boys are 19 and soon to be 10. Oh my view has changed many times. I have loved watching them grow but sometime I want to stop time. It happens so fast.

  5. Right there with you. My girl was looking at apartments on her laptop last night, in the city of her college choice. Yowsa. And didn’t I just put the Littlest Pet Shop stuff up in the attic yesterday? It goes so fast doesn’t it?

  6. Oh how quickly it all seems to pass…mine is only 18 months old but even those months have flown and the view is so different. From snuggly sleepy newborn to non-stop dare-devil toddler. Love the reminder to enjoy THIS view for as long as I have it, because it will be gone all too soon.

  7. Oh yes the view continues to change and change quickly. However, each view has something special to show us. Each one has something special to teach us and for us to teach. So embrace all the views God has give you because in each one He is already working on the next one.

  8. I am way too familiar with that changing view! I have girls aged 25, 12 and 9 (yes, that is not a misprint – 13 years between my first two children). Things change so quickly. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the view *right now*.

  9. Oh. my. word! I didn’t want to start crying this afternoon! Teri Lynne, this is such a heartfelt post and I SO. GET. IT! My only living child just turned 25. Where does the time go? Enjoy the summer and each stage as the view changes…all too soon the view will change again.

  10. Oh! How I can relate!! These views keep changing so fast and it is hard to deep up! I’m watching my princess get ready to be a mommy, herself! Where has the time gone? Enjoy every second!!!

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